Loads Accomplished…in the House.

0__0  Nope, no writing done this weekend – but I did get loads done in the house; the renovation of the main room is moving right along.

This is what we had:
drywall columns – wallpaper border – yellow/maroon walls.

It’s time for a change…

Very good at cutting chair rail and crown moulding…

Paint is now gold/blue – chair rail is done – but baseboards are still missing >_<

Shot of the first completed pillar, before we painted walls.
Spouse/I refused to pay $2k for whole completed pillars,
so we spent $250-even on wood to build around the columns.

Pic I took [pre-chair rail] after paint dried.
I love how the pillars came out.

The drywall was so bowed here,  we made a faux-pillar to break it up
The chair rail looks good here, bugs me we didn’t get to the baseboards.

I’m happy with the chair rail.  ^_^



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