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Holy Shabbot -Writing Stuffs

Despite being at the bank on Saturday, I managed to come home and get some writing done.  I was happy about this – though it’s mostly splintered scenes and plot-building at this time, it’s still something new…sort of.

Years ago I played around with a project I called ‘Ramaxia‘ a female dominated world where dromeosapian women had high drama’s and the men sort of popped up whenever one of them needed to have sex, or needed to watch men have sex with each other.  It was the ultimate in silliness, I called it ‘I,Claudius meets Walking With Dinosaurs’.  Manga writing took me away from developing it further.

I was keenly aware that others were watching – and took the project site down.   I’ve since borrowed from the main story, in my submission to Viz called Terra Goddesshuman women, they were strong – men were weak…it was like Gundam – but with no mechas. They didn’t think it would work, so I shelved that too.  I eventually took the dromeosapian aspects of ‘Ramaxia’ and gave them to a race I’d developed at the heart of series called ‘La Mestiza‘.  This is another manga/comic series I was working on, but never found an artist for because I just don’t think it’s ready for submission yet–I just don’t have the time to dedicate to it – I’ll need to change character names on that since I’ve decided to use them elsewhere…

That left me with Ramaxia’s planet, culture, religion, characters, gynocracy…just sitting there collecting dust…It’s not easy to world-build, so when you do come up with something you’re completely sure about, you don’t want to let it die.

I have a strong love of royalty and its history – also, people thrown into situations they’re completely not prepared for–even if they are.  I wanted to put a human man in a world like Ramaxia – and that’s what I’ve done.  I’ve put a human man, trained all his life to live off world…into an alien royal court.   I’ve changed the Ramaxian’s a bit…no more ‘descended from utahraptor‘ stuff.  The planet is formed, the race is formed, and the characters are finished.  I have my protagonist exactly the way I want him–and for a time, he was totally driving the story for me- but as I crafted more of the plot around him, and began writing scenes to move the story along…I realized that he was never the  the focus of the story.  The story comes from his perspective, because he arouses me – his weakness, his beauty, his fear, his manliness…but my story is about four alien women – each in a weird psychological orbit around each other that HE just happens to be caught up in.

I think c.b and I are going to have a great time with this book!


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