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A Day Off, Justified and RUSH Stuff.

I have a day off.  Imagine that.  I was set to work everyday this week, but fate shines on me saying, take a break.

I got things squared away with Amazon; should see RUSH #00 and #1 on sale there soon – the price is a little higher then what Dramaqueen is offering at their site, mainly because of Amazon’s take.  In terms of RUSH, the wind is a little out of my sails because everything we planned for RUSH during our meeting in Houston, has been implemented by another publisher for their anthology – and it’s seems to be all the rage.  Hopefully, by the time July rolls round and I talk about the new format and such – people will care enough to realize that we’re not ‘doing what everyone else is’; I still get irked that people forget RUSH was the ‘first’ GloBL anthology – no we weren’t a phonebook anthy – but we were the first.  No we’re going to look like imitators.  >_<  Oh well.  I still think we’re going to rock, and can’t wait for 2011.

I’m currently cleaning up a plot for a novel that c.b. Potts and I will be working on this summer.   I’ve got some valid feedback on the bare bones and am making some serious changes to the main character.

I caught Justified last night – wow, the dynamic between Raylan and Boyd is great; also – convinced that there’s no such thing as a good Crowder.  Boyd in prison is hilarious – he fears nothing, which makes him interesting.  Nice yin/yang thing going in this series – they’ve both got each other’s number, that’s for sure.

In terms of real-life – I’ve discovered the bankerwoes huddle series at Youtube.  I kid you not—this is how retarded things are in banks.  I see these and I laugh, but the script is real because I’ve had these conversations and am unable to say what Ms. Pinkdress is saying…it’s sweet to watch and laugh.

This one is great, because our last meeting actually covered that we have to say the same fucking greeting every time a customer comes in… and we have to say ‘thank you’ not thanks, but ‘thank you’.  I swear, we spent 20 minutes on it and I nearly opened a vein.

This one is great because it says everything I’ve ever wanted to…

They seem to be about Chase, but trust me – it’s the template of insanity for every bank.


5 thoughts on “A Day Off, Justified and RUSH Stuff.”

  1. The Rush anthology really caught my interest and I will purchase it as soon as I get paid. Also, do you consider Shounen Hump vols. 1 and 2 which were published for the Yaoi-cons 2000 and 2001 to be a forerunner of GloBL or do you even consider it GloBL?

    I still have my copies of those two anthologies which has since long gone out of print and also I participated in both. ^_^ I do recall that some of the submissions were original and doujinshi. Both volumes had Gundam Wing covers, much to my chagrin. At the time, GW yaoi was all the rage but now, its a distant memory.

  2. Shounen Hump was definitely ground breaking! I think it was the first sign of ‘circle’ activity in this country, it certain inspired me to start printing my stuff. 🙂

    I consider GloBL forerunners to be Daria McGrain’s Sexual Espionage – mainly because it was the first wholly English style m/m comic published professionally – in the vein of the original yaoi stories being imported on fan sites. I think it’s largely ignored by ‘fandom proper’ because it was a staple comic floppy. Other forerunners that weren’t pro published, but still just as important – are the works of Umbrella Studios, and creators like PL Nunn. These ladies were making original material and selling it at the first Yaoicon – before anyone.

    By the time I came along with my perfect bound doujinshi – women like those in Umbrella Studios were brave enough to rely on original stories…but no one was interested in publishing it pro.

    As for serial anthologies [which is what RUSH is] Radio Comics Sin Factory imprint tried releasing a book called ‘Dangerous Aubenai[?]’ which featured new creators [myself and Yayoi Neko to name a few] telling stories in the BL style, but it failed it take off as a ‘serial anthology’. The GloBL Incubus, from Kitty Media, started out as a serial in ‘Dangerous’. http://www.amazon.com/Dangerous-Yaoi-Anthology-1/dp/B000F66VLQ

    GloBL publisher Yaoi Press made stand alone anthologies, but they weren’t serial style books – RUSH was the first to run itself as a BeBoy Zips style book; ongoing serials – and that’s why I consider us the first ‘pro’ book to do this.

  3. Shounen Hump was definitely ground breaking and I’m glad that I was a part of it. If I remember correctly, the circle was named G-Cola (Glowing Cones of Light Association?) Unfortunately, the anthology did not continue.

    I remember P.L. Nunn and Umbrella Studios as well. I’m looking at the Umbrella Studio website and its not as active as it was before. Have they moved on? I also remember another anthology that tried to go commercial titled Shounen which has a P.L. Nunn cover and only one volume was created. There was supposed to be a second volume created but it never came to fruition.

    The Rush anthology has been well-received even by some yaoi purists. Are you going to be participating in Rush and continue further with Roulette?

  4. Oh wow – you were in them? Which story? The first book had a Baby Pen cover of Heero if I recall, right? The ladies in Umbrella are all doing different things I think – I suspect some still make comics, one is a writers/editors in m/m…

    Roulette will finish up in RUSH, but after that – my participation will be limited to editorial. 🙂

  5. Yes I was and Baby Pen did the cover of Heero in the first volume. My pseudonym was Reynfire/Reina Luna Dane. My submission was not doujinshi. I will admit that my submission was amateurish yet at least I have accomplished something in life. My artwork has changed for the better over the years but I have been concentrating more on my ceramic pieces than drawing.
    Once in a great blue moon, I will illustrate something.

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