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Stress Factor 10: Tina’s a Gumpilstilskin.

You’ll say ‘man, I think Tina’s gone back to her ole mean ways’.  Yeah, this is a grumpy post, only because it’s been a hectic week, and next week wont be much better—

This week was immeasurably complicated because on top of trying to get Loud Snow to KINDLE and eManga [who haven’t emailed me back with a confirmation yet] and get review copies out to fandom-specific bloggers, I also got stuck working all week – with only Saturday off.  >_<   Next week is going to be worse, since I have NO Days off, thanks to a co-worker being on vacation—meaning I’ll be at the bank on Saturday as well.

I have only one spectacular thing to report, which I didn’t last week – my daughter Mag is now a woman…all batz’d and ready to go!

Yes, she got the good hair.  >.>

I’m missing Spartacus already >_<

Been watching The Tudors final season, still laughing about how Tudors Season 1 DVDs were pulled from Blockbusters because of too much sex.  I couldn’t believe my ears.  I truly miss the days when mom and pop vid stores roamed the earth; there was no corporation in place to offering watered down versions for rental – I blame the big distributors too – after all, what incentive is there to buy the collected-uncut editions at Best Buy when you can rent them at Blockbuster.  I’m so on to those people!! =_=;

For what it’s worth, I truly anticipate the next overly-idealized hyper sexualized  ‘historical alpha male and his dysfunctional family’ drama from Showtime… The Borgias.  I truly hope Hirst and Co tackle the ultimate dysfunctional dad ‘King David’.   He may have slayed Philistines and founded a nation in your Sunday School – but we, his people, actually see him for what he really was –  one hell of a slut, and a lackluster douche of a dad who ruined his kids lives!  The only reason Solomon turned out half as normal [and I’m generous here] was because he was born when David was too old to inflict any real paternal damage.  I’m not holding my breath though; television in America seems content to throw money on crap like ‘Kings’, which featured a bunch of goy-types playing out Jewish history disguised as sci-fi soap –  anything to help the fundies forget all their bible heroes were Jews, right?  I wanted to spit at my television every time they showed ads for that series.  I’m glad it tanked.

Cut for boring publishing stuff:

The accounting person I hired will have royalty funds from the first quarter of 2010, to me on Monday morning – once in my account, I can send off c.b. and Lynsley’s share of sales for ‘Games with Me’ and ‘Gadarene’.  I asked him if the DMP check came for the first quarter – he said no, they pay 45 days after quarter ends – BUT sales from that quarter are pro-rated and paid out anyway [we have to do this for KINDLE sales…so yeah, no hardship thar.]

I talked to c.b Potts last week and somehow G*d has graced me with access to her talents once again!   That’s right, another of my scripts will be novelized by the uber awesome Potts!  I just need to pick one.  0_0

The graphics person I hired managed to get ‘Snow‘ lettered and sized in record time.  He even sized and cleaned up the print edition pages, but we’re waiting on the re-tone of the first 25.  He’s contacted the German publisher twice now, but has not yet received a response.  Not my problem. If they still don’t return his emails when the 25 pages are toned anew,  it’s on them.  =_=;

I got things squared away with Barnes and; it seems Diamond Books took it upon themselves to tell Barnes and Noble that not only were they out of stock on ‘Iris Print’ titles like Only Words—the books were no longer in circulation.  How ignorant of them.  About six months ago I stopped dealing with BN brick and mortar because my stock of Only Words was getting LOW – I instead opted to remain in the ‘extended title’ program, which is a fancy word for their ‘internet storefront’.  Four months ago, orders from just stopped coming. I didn’t pursue it because KINDLE sales of Only Words have doubled, leading to a slight rise in print sales, so the stock was moving slow enough to make me ‘not care’.  I assumed the lack of orders from had something to do with the fact that they were changing their online B2B set up [which is tragically antiquated] to an all digital ordering system.  BN.coms distribution warehouse stopped ordering because the ISBN prefix was tagged as being out of circulation.  I was finally contacted by phone [what a sweet lady!] when more than five customers [who set that threshold?] inquiring about the title, informed customer service that the title was indeed still selling and in circulation.

Long story longer, Only Words has been tagged back in business at; I await their orders.  0_0

I’m a little nervous right now.  Loud Snow pre-orders started yesterday and I’m hoping we meet our threshold for print.  The books will print either way, I’d just have to have to crack out the credit card again in order to finance the run … I just paid that thing off in full and I don’t want to put anything on it that I can’t pay back ASAP.  I look forward to more pre-order coverage as I do interviews to promote it [though I suspect the blog tour will be loaded with questions about the relaunch of RUSH], and Amelie gets back from Hawaii and begins her stint at promoting it.  There’ll also be eManga running the digital edition, with a link to order the print edition.  Pre-order pricing ends on June 21st at the latest – that’s when I have to have the files to the printer.  >_<  The book ships on July 12th [printer says we’ll have it by July 6].

Busy Busy Busy…


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