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Monday Morning

My coffee cup isn’t big enough this morning…and it’s pretty damn big:

My routine is pretty set in stone these days –I go to work in the morning, home by 7pm – in time to watch Law and Order CI, Justified, In Plain Site, or Spartacus [or Tudors if I miss that on Sunday]; hit the hay and then back to the same routine.  My weekends are spent with the kiddos – or trying to hang out with them.  This weekend was sadly wasted on Clash of the Titans.  Let’s not revisit that in detail, since we walked out right after the Medusa scene—neither I nor my daughter could take it anymore.  If you’re going stray miles from the actual myth, then at least have fun…this is what made the original Clash of the Titans redeemable – this one was srs bzns from minute one, completely fucked up the mythos, and just ended up pissing us off.  Spent $7 on the movie because Magdalene had a free ticket—yet by the time we both got popcorn, a shared soda, and each a box of candy…the total came to $27.

Work at the bank has been rather uneventful.  We have a new teller manager and he’s cool; I call him Smallville because he changes from his suit/tie at the end of each day and into his workout clothes to hit the gym.  It’s hilarious.  Verdict is still out on my manager – in a lot of ways we have the same personality quirks, but in terms of authority figures, I’m still miles away from being comfortable around her.  Assistant manager has definitely grown on me.  She can be intimidating as hell if you don’t her, but after you do get to know her – she’s tops.  One of the tellers is itching to get the hell out of the branch and earn more money, I hope it works out for her—while another is just itching to get out of the branch but is having trouble.  He doesn’t get the respect from management he thinks he should, and the last position he tried out for – personal banker – didn’t materialize.  Sadly, since the day he found out he wasn’t getting that job, he’s made some mistakes on the teller line that have gone against his overall performance.  He has this tendency to over-think things; I don’t know if this stems from not having much to think about work-wise or what.  Then there’s the teller I work well with – why do I work so well with him? Because he never says much, and dislikes working there as much as I do…but puts on his game face daily and deals with it.  I envy all of them because they’re in their 20’s…damn I miss my 20’s.

Cut for Comics-y stuff:

Dialogue letters for Loud Snow are finished, and sent to me for review.  It looks good – but I’m not going seriously proof anything until the SFX are completed.  Completed pages are due to me this Saturday.  I contacted Amelie about her ‘artist notes’; she forgot to send them with the book – I will publish without them if she has none…but I don’t like doing that, it sucks.  She’s as much part of the book as I am, she should have some notes in there.  The only concern I have now is how it will look on the KINDLE.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Well, sort of.

Beginning next month I’ve taken on the task of ‘executive editor’ on a project, which seriously limits the amount of free time I had set aside for continuing Whore of Turfan.  What free time I do have will be set aside for that job, along with preparing Loud Snow for the printer and getting ready for San Japan, which is in July.  I felt horrid about putting WoT on hold, but the artist then told me she acquired a summer job for the season and was worried that she wouldn’t have time to make her weekly page requirement.  In a way it sort of worked out.  SO, Whore of Turfan will be on hiatus beginning May 1, ending August 31st.  It will be back in September. YES, it will be back. [oh and the emails about the misspellings on the new page…NOT.  Maybe it’s a Freudian slip!!]

Also, in case some folks missed it – Yaoi Press has decided to move my story ‘Snow Demon’ to KINDLE as a stand alone.  They’ve renamed it ‘Winter Demon Zero’, a prequel to their popular Winter Demon series written by Yamila Abraham.  I wrote the little Snow Demon story featuring the monk Hakuin for Yaoi Press back in 2005.  Hakuin is a monk that gets duped into helping ‘cursed’ miners rid their mountains of a snow demon.  The demon brings so much snow that the miners can’t get to their gold – but they convince Hakuin that the snow is starving them out and they’re unable to farm.  This deems them worthy of his help and so he does—the demon meets Hakuin of course and decides he’s going to get laid—now in my original story, there’s no happy ending and lots of angst.  Of course – I’m Tina Anderson. The publisher’s CEO, Yamila Abraham, liked the plot so much she bought it from me and decided to pen her own series featuring Hakuin, and she developed the character of ‘Fuyu the demon’ to have a change of heart in my story—thus setting up the series she was going to write called ‘Winter Demon’.  Well, Winter Demon turned into 4 volumes…I hear it’s one of her most successful stories.  If you’re interested in seeing Winter Demon Zero, illustrated by the wonderful Yishan Li, you can now view it on the KINDLE, along with other digital editions of my work.


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