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Holy Shabbot I’m Happy!

Those that know me know what I used to be like – I always spoke my mind to a fault, was impatient with others to the point of rudeness, and had little to no tolerance with anyone performing under par with me – and let everyone within earshot know about it.  I was always quick to call someone out, regardless of how it made me look in the long run.

I’ve changed because I had no choice.

I sat down with a professional and worked on my issues.  I got a job in a corporate environment where none of the above is allowed – period.   These things may sound like no big deal – but for someone like me…it’s like being in the military again–Being forced to curb my behavior because if I didn’t – I’d be fired or terminated; what I needed to do was realize that falling in line and treating others I didn’t like with respect,  wasn’t something I had to do in order to remain in-place, it was something I needed to do in order to grow as a person.

Does taking criticism quietly from someone you have no respect for make you a better person?  Well, it’s made me tolerant of even the smallest idiocies.  Change in attitude doesn’t happen overnight or in a month.   It’s been a long two years.   In that time I:

  • obtained a new perspective on myself
  • managed to rid my self-publishing DBA of debt
  • made new friends and kept them
  • became closer to my family
  • dealt with health issues without self-destructing
  • faced publisher issues and backed off without apocalypse
  • learn to forgive
  • dealt with a stalker-mental person in the most dignified way I could on the internet
  • become good at conforming for the greater good in lieu of cash [keeping my job!~]

For all my hard work, I paid myself back yesterday with… A NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!


10 thoughts on “Holy Shabbot I’m Happy!”

  1. @Cindy – thanks! How have you been with the ‘doggies’?

    @erastes – thank you also. I read your latest post about dad. I recall mamala being a massive pain when it was time to get her papers in order and such. She just lacked organization. 0_0

  2. Congratulations on your new car!

    I’m the type of person who doesn’t forgive or forget. A couple of people have stated to me that I have a “wall” that is impenetrable. Maybe I do need to see a counselor because I do have personal issues that I still have balled up inside. The thing that prevents me from seeing a professional is I don’t want my problems to become the professional’s coffee table gossip.

    I did notice that you were not verbally sniping off people as much especially at the June Manga forums which has become a damn censorship discussing circus!

    Take care as always!

  3. @Ruby – yes, I’ve completely refrained from being cruel at the DMP forums. For starters, there’s a filter at work that only allows me to visit certain sites – DQ forum and DMP forums are a few of the only places I can visit, so I tend to be in congenial-mode when I visit there these days. 🙂 Must be the office and the suit.

    And I agree about the forums, some people wont be silenced until Maiden Rose and Viewfinder come out, uncensored. Once this happens [if it happens] then I think the agitation will loose its luster.

    I had to see someone; I didn’t like how I was. :/

  4. Yep. I got more coffee. Not as much as I’d like. This cutting down thing. It smells of poo.

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