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Not Much Time Today

This wont be much of a journal-type post, because I just don’t have time.

I had one day off this weekend and it’s seriously cut into my comics time.

I’m caught between two-deadlines [one for Polish, the other for US-digital] – and have handed over the German edition of Loud Snow to a graphic-artist friend to finish.  He’s emailed the publisher twice, but no reply yet.  I refuse to worry about it.  I told him to just finish the files and send them, if they don’t respond – it’s on them. My deadlines for the English digital edition of Loud Snow and the Polish project are both on March 29 –  after that my weekend is packed again because I have to meet with my old editor from DQ in Houston and then there’s my daughters batmitzvah.  I’ll be around, but barely. I’ve neglected both serious original projects I had in development for months now, and haven’t caught up with Lissa and MT to tell them how excellent a job they’re doing on my webcomic Whore of Turfan.    You guys are tops, I’m so fucking lucky to have you both!  The latest page is brilliant!

Back to regular posting in about three weeks??  Maybe two??  🙂

PS::: OMG Spartacus on Friday!  I didn’t see that coming…wow.


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