MARCH 14, or Something.

Semi-productive day.

My spouse and I went and paid for the floor tile we’re installing, after that I went with my daughter to purchase some new suits for work. Spring is here so it’s time to ditch the oranges, reds, blacks. I paid off my Lane Bryant card yesterday [shit, I had over $600 of purchases on that sucker] but it wont post till Monday – didn’t stop me from spending about $150 today…they were having a $20 off all pants sale. If you need dress pants for an office environment, sales like this are aces. Typically, good pants will cost you about $50-60, so you take whatever off you can get… ^_-

Contacted Amelie about the moire issue on the first 25 pages of Loud Snow, she’ll try to have the work re-toned by April…but with Loud Snow no longer on the publisher’s 2010 release schedule, I don’t see the point of killing herself over it. >_> I can use the files currently in place to get the digital editions ready for English release [eManga and KINDLE]. I was told by a developer customer [his company designs aps and he banks with us] that if I know XHTML, I should have no problem getting my comics ready for reading on the iPad. I was never worried about producing the content…I was worried over Apple’s silly ‘no adult content’ allowed. I’ve been told that in the iBook store, this won’t be such an issue…but I’ll believe it when I see it.

Does anyone know of a good conditioner for naturally curly hair? My fro is in tumbleweed mode…


6 thoughts on “MARCH 14, or Something.”

  1. Looks like it was more than semi-productive. Most of mine will be coaxing my son into doing review for his Trig test. Wish I could remember it myself. His textbook stinks, so I’ll be little or no help, and of course he isn’t interested in working at all. Yay, great day ahead. Good luck with the Apple/iPad issue. Do you have any websites I can go to now to read some of your work? I finally got an iPhone for handling my blog, phone stuff, etc. It works better than my poor dialup connected computer. Enjoyed your post.

  2. My son managed to fail two classes this year…my daughter made the honor roll again. 1 out of 2 ain’t bad I guess. 🙂

    Since most of my work is comics – no, I don’t have much online. I do have digital comics out there [Games with Me] at is $2; and SOME of my old doujinshi is free or mega-cheap, over at

    Whore of Turfan is an ongoing webcomic…

    I also have weird comic online called Delicious …and a short story in Velvet Mafia’s anniversary issue –

  3. Thank you for the links and info. After buying that phone, cheap will have to do for a while. 😉 I am jealous of your one out of the two. I have two boys trodding the same academic suicide path. 😦 Just do not understand them. Thanks again. I’ll visit these sites soon.

  4. I have naturally curly hair as well. The shampoo that worked well with my hair was Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine for Frizzy, Dry, Unmanageable Hair without conditioner. I rarely use conditioner because it causes split ends and dries the tips. The only downside to the shampoo is that it causes me to have an oily scalp because the shampoo contains avocado oil. If you are going to try it, you may or may not have an oily scalp. Its a good de-tangler as well. My hair a combination of spiral and frizzy curls. >_<

  5. Garnier gave me dandruff. 😦

    I did manage to find something cool – something from the hairdresser. I have to look at the bottle to see the name, but my spouse is in my bathroom right now. >_<

    It's helped me with the out of controlness…

  6. I see. The Sleek and Shine was good to my hair until I started getting oily scalp. I had to discontinue using it on a regular basis. Instead a use a shampoo from Mexico which is great for my hair. Not Caprice or Vanart, its another brand. I was mortified to know that Vanart used formaldehyde!

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