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Lessons Learned

I have off today, so I’m playing catch-up with friends and collaborators.

I just mailed a cashier’s check for $2,980.50 to HSBC Visa – this amount represents the last of my ‘debt’ for GYNCORAT INK.  Debt incurred over three years of printing, promoting, hiring cover artists and editors, and marketing titles.  Some titles saw print, others did not – either way, money was spent and GYNOCRAT INK took on the debt – while still paying it’s royalties to co-creators!  Some small-pubs are likely laughing at this – because their debt is massive compared to mine, but I’m not a small publisher.  GYNCORAT INK is a micropub, producing the works of one author…me. I took a credit card with $5000 on it and spent it all – made back just over $2000 in sales, royalties, advances, etc – and used my savings of late from ‘vocational funds’ [my real life job] in order to pay off the rest, today.  The card will then be canceled, because I don’t intend to incur that much debt again – with only half the return.

I learned some things these past three years – one is that I no longer have the bones to deal with small-publishing.  I don’t knock small-publishers, without them we’d have no genre books.  As for me, I’m just not cut out for them anymore.  Dealing with small pubs requires too much sweat equity on my part, and not enough of an initial return.  In other words – writing the script, resizing the art, lettering the art…it’s too much for me to do because I don’t consider the advance I get enough to justify it.   I had this grandiose notion that I’d just write the comic, letter the comic, and turn it in and be all done.  I learned my lesson with each and every publisher I dealt with in these past four years – in small publishing, you’ll be doing at least half the work to get it printed.   I used to love that aspect of it because it gave me a lot of control… but now my love is gone.

Loud Snow is going to be on-time to eManga; it’s also going to meet its release date for KINDLE.  As for the German edition – it’s not on their 2010 schedule [as a newly merged company] so the re-tone required for the first 25 pages won’t be the cause of the hold up.

I get lots of emails about the German edition of Games with Me. So I’ll be brief.  It likely won’t release in print this year.  There were resizing issues and the tones were unprintable; this is something I would’ve like to have known about when we turned in the artwork before September, but this didn’t happen due to some workforce issues within the company.  Games in print will have to wait until both volumes are toned [re-tone on volume 1]; and whatever the German publisher wants to do with them, is up to them.  ^_^

I won’t deny that having the word ‘digital edition’ thrown at me in email correspondence doesn’t upset me. What can I say? Every artist and writer wants to see their work in print, it’s why I spend a bulk of my time submitting and dealing with rejections – it’s why my artist friends spend a year or more working hard on their part of the graphic novel.  I’m not dissing digital, it’s been quite lucrative for us these past six months between KINDLE, DLSite, and eManga.com – but to think that there may not be print editions of books that I really wanted to see in print, does break my heart a bit.  :/

My only solace is concentrating on my English releases, those I have more control over.  Of those, I truly wish some reviewers and blogs would take digital editions more seriously.  I’ve sent offers out for review only to have been ignored, or told outright that ‘we don’t review digital comics’.  One of them that told me this, has no issue reviewing June manga’s other digital series – because those books have counterparts in print.  *sigh*  I’ll just have to eat it I guess – after all I do recall there were scores of blogs and fans that refused to even consider ‘global yaoi’ – but I kept pestering and being a jerk until they did.  ^_^  What scares me these days is…do I have the tenacity to fight the good fight for digital yaoi comics?


2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned”

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for it. Come visit my site to see the Cornucopia of Awards.

  2. In the end, if you eventually give up the good fight, at least you put up a good fight. I hope you will continue to love what you do. Forget the haters, bashers, etc., just do what you love regardless of what others have to say.

    Maybe in the long run, there will be an appreciation of digital yaoi and GloBL. Right now, it seems far-fetched but at the same time, its under-appreciated by the masses but it will be eventually appreciated. Take care!

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