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Thursday, February 25

Have to go in a little early today; we have a ‘Corporate Visitor’ coming into the bank.  Oh Joy!

I have a trip to Houston planned for March 13, so I can see an old friend.  I haven’t talked to her much since she left publishing, but she’s in Texas [she’s from the UK] in order to help kick start her old company.  Perfect opportunity to play catch-up.  ^_^

I considered sending files to DLSite [they’d sent me multiple emails about distributing my books through them] but my only issue is that they have no way to protect the files.  eManga has a reader that makes pirating difficult [you’d need to screen cap each open page in the reader if you wanted to copy and upload elsewhere] and KINDLE is proprietary – without the reader, you can’t view the file.  This is my only issue with digital manga – being able to post it in a way that stops those who ‘rent it’ from sharing it online with others.  I don’t like DRM, because I’m firm believer in that if you buy something – it’s yours…but on the internet, the culture of ‘if it’s online it should be free’ is so entrenched in the minds of netizens…sorry, it’s not free because the artist and I worked hard on it.  For near a year.  We deserve to be compensated for that- at least for a year.

After a year, if you want to share it – don’t you tell me about it!  🙂

Speaking of compensation; while I’m happy that Amazon is finally doing the right thing and adjusting royalty percentages in favor of creators – I can’t help but feel a little annoyed that it’s not going to begin until June/July.  They’re still collecting 65% of my books sold [$4.99 a book – we don’t get squat] and the number of sales is increasing because of all the media the KINDLE gets.  It’s new – people will rent anything at this point because they have a new piece of hardware in their hands and they want to use it to the hilt to justify what they paid for it.  I get this sneaky feeling that Amazon likely projected when the ‘newness’ will wear off, and decided to begin adjusting the royalties accordingly.  I know, I’m a cynic.  I just can’t shake that feeling.  I’ve a complete lack of trust in many people lately, it’s something I need to get over – if they’re being dishonest with me, karma will get them.  I need to quit hardening my heart and just go with the flow.  I won’t stress on what hasn’t materialized – instead I’ll focus on what’s out there now.  KINDLE and eManga are doing well for me; perhaps I’ll just upload my fan work to the DLsite and see how that works.  The Polish version of Only Words maybe?  Will the Japanese know the difference?  LOL!

As for the Olympics…didn’t watch much last night.  Did see China get bumped around by the Korean team in speed skating…was waiting for that disqualification.  Watched Tosh.o and then Colbert.  So not much Olympics for me.  Tonight I want to make my chicken schnitzel; I need it.  Sadly, I don’t get home until 6:30 or so…I hate cooking that late.


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