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Snow Day, and A Rejection

First, it’s snowing in Texas… OMG

Second, the color version of Roulette was rejected by Bruno Gmunder:

Hello Tina

Thanks for your submission. It looks interesting, but I am afraid that we won’t be able to reach the audience your work deserves. So all the best and lots of success.

Ah well, I tried.  ^_^;


11 thoughts on “Snow Day, and A Rejection”

  1. That’s practically a blizzard down there in those parts. I’m up here in the snowy Midwest now but am still stunned that Dallas got nearly a foot of snow this winter. (Meanwhile my cousin in D.C. wants us all to STFU!)

    And hey, sometimes all we can do is try. The right venue is out there.

  2. Well… there are those stories, too. Just remember, never throw anything away. The world has to catch up with our brilliance sometimes. (Did I sound like a snob just now? LOL)

  3. Oh no! Are you going to give E-manga a try just like Games with Me? I guess Bruno Gmunder doesn’t want to give GloBL a try especially with their target audience.

  4. @ Ruby I still dig them though, but you’re right. They have a formula and they’re sticking to it. 🙂

    Roulette is up in the air right now…

  5. I understand about Bruno and they publish some high quality stuff. I can’t blame them for not trying something new when what they currently have is working for them just fine. Take care!

  6. In the 23 years I lived in Texas, it snowed twice. The most memorable was when I lived near Corpus Christi. The entire elementary school let out for a brief time. We ran out and played in the falling snow that melted as soon as it hit the ground. I still feel a little of that wonder when the first snows of the season arrive here in Michigan.

  7. @Yousei tbh, I moved her to avoid weather like this. :/ My kids had a blast though, my son is too young to remember snow in the northeast and my daughter’s never been around it. There’s a snowball in our freezer now so she can remember it. 🙂

  8. Coming here from another blog; glad you’re reaching some of your dreams. I’m working towards mine so your blog will be something to watch. And I am a fellow Texan; no snow in San Antonio.

    Blessings & Good luck! ~ Julian

  9. Hi Julian. Comic writing is a hobby – my dreams were to make it pay for itself, and once upon a time, it worked that way. I’ve become very disenchanted with small-press publishing – they’re an unnecessary middle man in comics/manga, and these days I’m moving away from them.

    Submitted to Bruno in order to collect an advance for an artist friend who needs the money, not shocked they rejected me. Perhaps she’ll have more like with a male writer on her next project.

    How did San Antonio miss the crappy weather boat? ^_^ Did you get rain?

    I’ll be at San Japan in July, hope you can make it.

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