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“Should We Shoot Them?”

Did not watch all the Olympics last night, Thursdays belong to Burn Notice and Archer.

I did manage to catch the end of the Men’s Skating and wow…Weir was robbed.  I’m not a fan of his overall [in fact, I think he’s annoying] but the boy skated his heart out and to me gave a silver medal performance…what did he get?  6th place.  Shame on you judges.  As for my darling Plushenko…I was bored.  His short program was more dynamic then what he did last night.  It’s almost as if he said ‘fuck it, let Evan have it’.  Evan earned it though…three jumping passes?  You go boy! I love the Olympics because it allows out of shape armchair athletes like me to become experts on any sport – particularly those we’ve never practiced [or ever will].  As for drama…Dear Korea, please get over your hard-on for Ohno…he doesn’t care and the rest of the world isn’t listening when you act like dicks on the ice and claim it’s all Ohno’s fault that you were dicks.  Stop it.  No one is buying it and hating Ohno’s coach won’t make you pretty.

Work has cut into my blogging time.  I’ve started early all week and have been shuttling between my branch and another branch.  It’s been…interesting.  They’re no where near as busy as we are – it’s very low key.  Takes some getting used to.

As for writing work – no chance I will work on Rubicon this weekend, since I need to letter Loud Snow.

My German publisher has done something very smart…she’s merged her company with another publisher [known for their BL novels in Germany].  The company is ‘Cursed Publishing’ and what The Wild Side lacked in aesthetic coolness, Cursed more than makes up for.  Their image is a bit more stylish…and with the merger hopefully comes more employees – something the Wild Side needed in order to put out their books.  I was a little sad for a spell, because Wild Side has the cash to produce material, they just didn’t have the man-power to get it ready.  I’m praying this new ‘Cursed Side’ company will finally get ‘Games with Me’ to the printer.  I’ve had remarkable success with this book at KINDLE and with BL fans and blogs.  I’m rather proud of the story and appreciate any and all feedback I get for it.  I know it’s not easy to give GloBL titles kudos in the BL fan-sphere; there’s an underlying snobbery with many fans that GloBL is a ‘certain kind of yaoi’ best avoided.  That’s unfortunate, and I want to change that.

And no…I’ll never support the term ‘American Yaoi’; not now, or ever.  It’s exclusionary and shitty to ignore the contributions of creators from Spain, Italy, Canada, Mexico, UK, Brazil, Germany, and even Korea [yes, even Korea] to call their novels and comics influenced by Japanese BL, ‘American Yaoi’.  Global BL or Global Yaoi works just fine for me…and of course I shorten it to GloBL because, that’s how I roll.

Turfan updates tonight [or Saturday…] but there’s definitely going to be a new page in the next 48 hours.


4 thoughts on ““Should We Shoot Them?””

  1. Weir was really screwed. The audience booed that one for quite awhile. I just don’t get these damn judges.

  2. Seriously, those Korean skaters are totally in love with Ohno. “He sucks! He doesn’t deserve a medal! Fuck him!” *wank, wank, wank* What if J.R. Celski turns out to be even better than Ohno and kicks their butts in a future race? Same story, I think.

    Figure skating fell out of favor with me years and years ago, and I think I stopped watching just when Plushenko entered the scene. I don’t get the obsession with quad jumps. Okay, so that’s considered progression in the sport, but what about artistry? From all accounts I’ve seen on Plushenko, he appears to be all about the jumps and nothing about transitions and everything else. :S In the end, quad or no, a complete package was what judges wanted to see, not a robotic style of skating where it’s all about the jumps. And that’s what Lysacek delivered, sans the quad.

  3. I haven’t watched some of the Winter Olympic games because it interferes with my other programming that I watch rather religiously. At least U.S. is in the lead in the medal counts which is surprising. U.S. shines in the Summer Olympics and its good America is leading in the Winter Olympics medal count for now. (Kudos to Shani Davis!)

    As for GloBL, I will admit that I was hesitant to give it a try because I was so accustomed to the Japanese yaoi aesthetic. Once I read Incubus by Yayoi Neko, I was instantly hooked on supporting GloBL. I read several GloBL titles that I liked. Unfortunately for the yaoi purists, the majority think that all GloBL is bad which is not true. At times, some of the their commentary is just unnecessarily brutal. Then again, its the same faction that hates shoujo (even though many yaoi mangakas started out in the shoujo genre but that’s another topic) and infatuated with Naruto yaoi (PPPPFFFFFTTTT!). Take care as always!

  4. @Catherine I saw that! It was an obvious rob.

    @Hayden I KNO RITE!! It took me time to release that Ohno’s coach is a Korean expat – which might explain all the animosity. This BS has been going on since Salt Lake City >_< I've been hearing some oddly homophobic words in regard to the mens skating. My son was one of the culprits – he said 'I'm voting for Plushenko" and I asked why. He said, 'Because he's the only GUY skating.' =_=; Ouch.

    @Ruby I knew my life was over when I got excited while watching women's Curling. 0_0 I officially need to throw in the towel now.

    And yes, on GloBL. I've heard some nasty stuff – fandom is a small world…but I'm hopeful. Sites like Boys Next Door have always given GloBL a fair shake, and blogs like Boys-Luv and The Yaoi Review appear to be sincere about covering it legitimately. Others disappoint me in that they'll cover 'Global Manga' and BL from Japan, but wont touch GloBL. :/

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