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Happy Hearts and Farts.

Because no one farts on Valentines Day, right?

I made a deal with a devil of sorts.  He’s going to pay me $100 for every ten pounds I lose between now and June.  This bodes well for my daughter who would like to have this money to spend at San Japan.  I’m going to do it.  I started today – modest breakfast with my thyroid meds, then went out for a brisk walk.  I came back itching like crazy because the blood was pumping in places it hasn’t for years!  I haven’t felt this itchy since after they ran me that first day in Boot Camp back in 89.  [That’s how I knew the cause of the itching!]  I’m officially pathetic.

I’m determined not to let me and my daughter’s annual February 15th celebrations deter my progress.  [My daughter and I don’t celebrate Valentines Day – we celebrate February 15th, the only day of the year where premium chocolate confections go on sale for 70-90% off].  ^_-  The 15th falls on Presidents Day, and for the first time in years – she and I both have off to take advantage of the deep discounts.  This year though, I’ll buy—but she and my son will likely be eating most of the haul.

I’m working on the Rubicon project today, since Amelie failed to get the art for Loud Snow to me this weekend.  She was supposed to call me when she finished it, and I would drive into the city and pick it up – but she likely didn’t finish the cover the way she wanted to, and so she’s stalling.  Makes sense.  ^_^  She’s a bit of a perfectionist.   Games with Me volume 2 is moving along, according to artist Lynsley – Happy New Year Lyns!

Speaking of Chinese New Year – last weekend, many women came in purchasing new cash to fill their red-packets [these are little cash gifts given to young people by older married people…but the cash must be new!]  Yesterday and Friday, we had dozens of last minute stragglers [mostly male, but I’m not making that call!] coming in needing new cash – we had none left.  Contrary to popular belief, the bank is not a place to acquire ‘new cash bills’; seriously—we get the worst of the worst.  Most of it comes from commercial customers dropping their ugliest money in the night-drop or giving us nasty looking bills in their commercial deposits.  =_=;   Bank policy is, unless it’s torn or absolutely gross—we can still circulate it.  Oh the stories I could tell about the condition of money—it is very disgusting.    Not to mention many of the hardworking ‘ladies’ who deposit their cash with us after their three-nights a week at the local gentleman’s clubs.  [not knocking those ladies–they work hard, I just wish they would make more of an effort to get the oil, glitter, or pubes off the money before depositing it – kthanks].  Anyhoo – I signed out a ton of those ‘new’ Jefferson issue $1 coins on Saturday because these guys were desperate at this point, and most of them were buying for little kids.  There were a few who wanted new $20’s and $10’s, but we just didn’t have them…

Off to work – this project isn’t going to write itself.


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