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Long Week

This week has been…long.

I discovered that we’re still going to be handling Federal Reserve shuttles at our branch, something that my ABM is planning on grooming me for – since their schedules have become erratic.  Not looking forward to counting that cash and documenting that coin.

On the home front, my son just doesn’t care about his school work, or his life.  I had to take his Xbox away  because he failed to turn in two science assignments.   He just doesn’t give a shit. I keep looking back on what I did wrong…only to find that what I did for him, I’ve also done for my daughter, and she’s on the Honor Roll every marking period.  0_o.  She’s in 6th grade, and it looks like he’s going to be in 8th grade again…because he just doesn’t care.  *sigh*

I sent a royalty check to Caroline for her share of the German royalties on Only Words – it’s a tidy sum and she hasn’t cashed it yet, which has me worried.  She’s either no longer at that address, or something’s wrong and she can’t cash it.  It troubles me.  I’ve not spoken to her in so long, I don’t even remember where I put her phone number.  Ouch.  I hope everything is ok considering the weather they’ve had; if you’re friendly with Caroline – please tell her to let me know what’s up?  I’d hope if she did move- she’d have the sense to tell me…especially if she wants to be paid for her work. =_=;

I combined my old blogs for Circle G and Em-Novels into one wordpress blog.  I changed the layout and BONK – everyone I ever linked to before, all were freshly Pinged.  Sorry about that, it wasn’t intentional.  I had the old blogs set on ‘no search engine’ and ‘no pings’ but didn’t do it for the new version.  Apologies.

I need to pick up the artwork for Loud Snow this weekend, but Saturday I have to be at the Bank until 2:00.  I’m going to try and swing by after that and pick up the work.  It needs to be lettered and turned in if the artist wants to get her advance.  I’ll use that day to pal around with my daughter again–sadly this means I’ll only have Sunday to work on the Rubicon project.   Speaking of submissions – Bruno Gmunder’s got sent last week…now the waiting starts.  Also, the first 126 pages of artwork that was redrawn for my Polish project ‘Sacrifice’ is finished.  I can’t wait to see it.

Finding refuge on the net was impossible this week.  I discovered that sometime in the start of February – my official Yaoi-Infexion decided to drop my name around like rat shit, everyplace she felt vulnerable. To compound matters, her faux magazine is using my name in tags on their blog, which is a cheap ploy to gain hits.  Out of the blue this morning, a kind reviewer tells me she’s leery about posting her review of ‘Games With Me’ because she thinks my Yaoi-Infexion [and her magazine] is going to show up and start wanking in comments about how evil I am.  It seems the Yaoi-Infexion did this elsewhere, but wasn’t allowed to get away with it.

I appreciate the support from fans and bloggers in this matter, thank you.   >_<  I’m sorry your forums, threads, and blogs are being harassed in this way.


3 thoughts on “Long Week”

  1. My nephew own the X-Box 360 and I’m flabbergasted at the cost of those video games! Hopefully, your son will know the value of an education some day. I work at a college and I must say that a lot of students wished that they did NOT slack off in elementary and high school because they self-destruct once they take college courses.

    Speaking of Bruno Gmunder, I recently received Black Wade in the mail. I managed to find a brand new copy at E-bay, and it has great quality! The plot is cheesy but the artwork looks very Disney-like and great. Its also my first gay comic unless Partners by Yura Tamaki, which I own, is considered gay not yaoi.

  2. I feel your pain. My youngest boy is also in 8th grade and is also facing at least summer school, if not repeating. It’s driving his dad crazy, and I am so disappointed I’m depressed. His brother is not much better (11th grade) but is passing because he can’t do sports without the grades. I just do not understand my kids. Best wishes to you.

  3. @Ruby I read Black Wade – it’s a bit too formula for me, and was shocked that Bruno pushed it so hard, instead of Nightlife – which I thought was a little better. My favorite from them is Manly – OMG, Love that book! XD

    @Yousei – I’m in the same boat with my son. It’s like he doesn’t care and doesn’t get it. =_=;

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