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Career Junk, and Other Strangers.

This is that weird calm before the storm.  Lucky for me, it won’t be a category five or anything since I rarely promote the way I used to.  Next month, Loud Snow will release on eManga and KINDLE.  I haven’t seen most of the artwork for it yet, so I’m excited – but this does put a cramp into my “creating time”; because my weekends are the only time I have.  Don’t even get me started on having to prep for my appearence at San Japan.  =_=;

My submission to Bruno Gmunder still sits here, mainly because I know they expect more then what I have.  Three covers, at least half the book, etc.  I have part of that, and I suspect it might be enough…but I’m avoiding it.  They’re not ‘script’ type people – they want to see the art, and I have some of that.  I need to sit down and write a cover letter and synopsis – which is killing me because I don’t have time.

And my DC notes still sit untouched.  Shit.

Games With Me sales at Emanga have chilled.  KINDLE’s have picked up – only because Amazon is actually quasi-promoting by using it in newsletter for their KINDLE.  I’ve seen it and was pleasantly surprised.  DMP seems to push only its Japanese creators – which reminds me that Games is truly just a ‘distributed’ title for them, not something they actually care about enough to push on their free time.  :/  I’m used to this I guess, having dealt with small-publishers and that mentality my entire career.  ^_^  I’m in desperate need of some publicity for ‘Games’, so hopefully the release of Loud Snow will garnish new readership.

I’m waiting on KINDLE’s new royalty schedule to begin.   I’m benefiting from the release of the iPAD and Apple’s large percentage for authors incentive—for my titles, iPad’s existence means squat, since Apple rejects anything gay-oriented that’s illustrated – no matter how smutty or chaste.  I’m shocked by this because they allow bullshit like Strip Manga Poker and other hetero-oriented sexist crap – but have two men kiss or hold hands in artwork and you get the BIG VETO.  Two women will always be ok because straight men love that shit.  As it stands now, the only way to read my books on iPhone/iPOD is to download the KINDLE ap.  That’s so balls.

Now for something important, yet stupid:

I wasn’t going to address this here but I think I must – at least in part.

I pay attention to how my name trends on Google.  It’s only natural, I make money off my writing and my name is on my books.  So when I hit Google and I see my name still connected with that faux-yaoi magazine; and worse, see my name being dropped in a blog as part of someone’s psychotic tirade – I tend to get annoyed.   There’s a reason I’m ignoring it – a reason DMP is ignoring it – a reason all the yaoi-blogs are ignoring it.  Because it’s crap not worth caring about.  Calling me out by name and insulting Michelle Mauk anonymously isn’t going to get you the attention you want – it’s going to alienate people you need.  You want a place for yourself and your work in this business?  This isn’t the way to do it.

It boils down to an author not getting the attention she thought she would, and now she’s imagining this feud she thinks I’m having with her, and claims I’m jealous of her scary talent and success.

Whatever makes your world go round – color me jealous – but please stop acting like I’m hiding stuff.  Everything I’ve ever said and written to you has been public and made public.  All those letters you claim you have – were cc’d to everyone involved, including the other creators YW contacted – they were also screencapped by the Babes from the Boys Next Door Blog.  There’s nothing you have that hasn’t been aired at GGY, or my Notebook Blog – stop acting as if our correspondence was a secret and stop trying to portray YW’s correspondence with me as something I’m trying to hide; I’ve posted everything online since day 1.  Stop name dropping me as your great enemy – I could care less about you, but I do care about how my name gets tossed around in conjunction with your latest psychotic break.    You keep saying that you have permission from DMP to make your books – well of course you do, no one said you couldn’t. Everyone remembers when Rachel worked at DMP and gave many doujinshika the green-light to make fan books.  Her permission did not include slapping an ISBN on it or mass selling your ‘fan novel’ at  They don’t want to be associated with you like they’re sponsoring you as a fan creator – and I’m sorry, but no one’s buying the validity of Yaoi World.    You’re promoting your fan novels in such a way that makes it look as if DMP is naming you as the only creator with their permission to make printed fan work.  That’s not true. What US publisher in their right mind would associate themselves with someone who’s trying to make a splash with fan-work?   Is logic in short supply?

Now you love mentioning me, which begs the question, why?  Oh yeah- because ‘Tina Anderson’ brings Google hits, hits you need right now to recharge your endless string of unpublished YET cataloged material.    Spare me – anyone can buy an ISBN and commission a cover – publish something, then maybe you can earn the outside worlds attention on your own mertis – instead of shouting ‘look at me, I’m fighting with Tina Anderson!‘.

*sigh* I’m sorry  I’m the one whose wiki page wasn’t deleted.  I’m sorry that I’m the one quoted in articles at Publishers Weekly and the SF Chronicle on yaoi; I’m sorry  my name is mentioned in academic papers on yaoi in America.  I’m  sorry that my self-publishing efforts have made a splash for me and allowed me to become pro published; I’m sorry my original material is being distributed by DMP, a company I know you’ve had your heart set on impressing since day 1.   I’m sorry that I’m where you want to be right now but can’t, because you’re acting insane.

No one cares how much you hate me, and no one that matters believes I’m out to get you.
I’m so jealous of you…why didn’t I think of that. >_<

This is the last time I’m going to mention you, talk about you, or even think about you.
Enjoy your 10 minutes of Internet Fame.


7 thoughts on “Career Junk, and Other Strangers.”

  1. Oh dear! I KNOW exactly who are you referring to. There was a thread at Aarinfantasy praising her “return” sometime last year but I say bullshit.

    By the way, kudos for working hard in getting your work published and providing valuable insight to GloBL. Some of your work is still available for purchase compared to the other person taking “pre-order” money for publishing expenses, resorting to dramatics, and the end result is never publishing a goddamn thing.

    That 2008 fiasco really left a bad taste in my mouth because it led me to not trust small publishers.

  2. Hey Ruby. I just want her to leave me out of her crap. >_< She not only dropped my name in her blog post, but brought it up again in her comments – it's all for hits and it's pathetic now.

  3. Indeed. In the end, it puts her in even more deep crap that she cannot get of. Yaoi World is such a joke. Take care as always.

  4. Oh God ******* dont even get my started. I didnt really get her claim when she said you were jealous of her. I mean why would you be? You’ve created your own stuff and are an established name in western yaoi. I have been to yaoiworld and I must admit I do like the website and ordered one of their authors books. Its called Cathe by Becca Abbott. I dont follow what you mean by “nobody takes yaoiworld” seriously. Are you just saying its like a big fansite? Or their existance is just to help out ****? Give me the 411 on whats the deal with yaoiworld. If games with me ever comes out in print I’ll buy a copy.

  5. Sorry, I edited your reply to mask her name, I’m not bringing her publicity.

    To my knowledge, yaoi world is not a publisher – it presents itself as a fan magazine which touts some dubious claims which make me think it’s not on the level. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it, it’s my right as a human being to have one. 🙂

    If you bought ‘Cethe’ by Becca, it was from SL Publishing, which is not yaoi world, but sadly is connected to them by some unfortunate events that transpired in the past and are none of my business, so I will lead you to google that one.

    No one is taking yaoi world seriously, because since day one, I’ve been pretty public about my dealings with them – and how I found the connection between their ‘sudden appearence’ and ****’s quest to re-establish her wiki page.

    As for Games, yes – a English print version will be out as soon as Volume 2 is complete.

  6. Count me in to purchase Games with Me in print version! Sorry, I’m not going to the Kindle route because many of my books will never be in Kindle/e-book format which I’m glad.

  7. @Ruby. Wow, thanks! 🙂

    Yeah, I release digitally through as well, because I don’t expect readers to purchase an expensive KINDLE. :/

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