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Wednesday Sucks.

I’ve been revising my rough notes on Rubicon whenever I get the chance.  My notes are typically raw, poorly written, and make sense to no one but me…and yet I turned them over to MT last weekend to she can work on some basic character sheets for me.   0_0

Mestiza sits in undeveloped hell.  Sadly it’s going to remain orphaned since ‘manga’ publishers appear to be eliminating ‘writer/artist’ teams with a two-punch of ‘backend payment +no advance until complete’ and ‘artists’ bring us your stories and our editors will help you develop them’.  Original-English manga is just a dead end for me, and it sucks to have this epiphany.

We have a corporate visitor coming in today at the bank.  Oh joy.  I love it when they come in, dampen moral and get in everyone’s way and with a smile on their face, telling us how we can do our job more effectively—a job they’ve never had to do for more than 24 hours…but theoretically they’re experts at the job because they have studies showing them what it’s really like to work in a bank with customers.  ZING! It’s something like this:  teller waits on customer – afterward, the assistant branch manager gets to sit down and go over her observation of the transaction with the teller…while the corporate person observes the observation.  Laughing yet? Welcome to my hell.  No one is immune…bankers, tellers, top tellers, vault tellers…we’re all being observed while under observation.   >_<  To top it off, it’s comic book day and I wont make it to the shop on time to get the damn variant cover of Blackest Night WW #3 that I wanted, because I have to work today.  I’m going into this nightmare all ready pissy.

Will let you know if I still have a job by the end of the day.  🙂


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Sucks.”

  1. *hugs* You’re not the only one going through an epiphany. I’ve been in complete denial for at least three months now, and I’m forced to just swallow it and decide what to do next.


  2. Well I don’t know if its raining non-stop in Austin but its raining non-stop over in San Antonio. It started to rain last night and hasn’t stopped just yet. The bad part is where I live it floods mighty quickly. I got my share of the splish-splash. I should have worn a bathing suit instead of my newly washed clothes! To put the cherry on top of my sundae, my supervisor was completely out of it today and I was a bit annoyed to remain him of the most mundane things. Wednesday sucked for me as well.

    Anyhow, I hope your creative juices hasn’t dried up yet. Take care!

  3. @Ruby – yes it’s been raining here since this morning. Our road out flooded at the start of the week, it’s not looking good right now. 0_o

    @Hayden, is this in regard to YA? Or a certain publisher?

    As for work, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It seems their efforts to observe were concentrated elsewhere. I lucked out.

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