Boring Mom Schtuff.

I haven’t a blogged in a few days, so I thought I’d get some thoughts out before going into the bank today.

I spent Saturday with my son.  We ran some errands, went to the mall, found some speakers for his new laptop [tired of him using mine!] and pick up my daughter’s honor roll present [I get her one every time she makes honor roll]: a Domo doll.  I came home to find that my daughter was pissed at me – mainly because I went out with the boy while she was out with her dad—and now I wasn’t ready to head back out and drive her around.  >_<  Admittedly, I’m working every weekday until 6:30 – I get home around then.  I get home, I eat dinner, I check emails, I shower, then it’s around 8 so I want to sit down and chill because I have to get up at 7 in the morning.  Occasionally I’ll get two Saturdays off, but rarely – those are half-days, I’m home by 3; and even then…I need Saturday and Sunday to write.  I must write.  Sadly I have to balance that with spending time with my spouse, who also thinks I need to spend time with him–but isn’t as brutally vocal about it as my daughter.

I’ve scheduled an appearance at San Japan so that I could take my daughter and spend those days with her [I wont be talking or manning a table ALL Day] and so I was looking forward to that—yet I get home Saturday and I hear a blast of shit about how I make empty promises.  0_0. I don’t spend time with her anymore – we don’t go down to Lamar or into Austin anymore – we don’t hang out and do things anymore. It sucked to hear this because I haven’t spent time with my son in ages, and it was nice to give him some time on Saturday; I just never counted on my daughter resenting it.  I don’t like feeling as if I’m letting her down.

On the flipside, I won’t be manipulated into making time for her that I don’t have.  When I suggest we spend some time in the evenings together, I get shut down.  That’s how I know it’s not about “us”, it’s about her – being entertained and getting what she wants.  I’m forced to remind myself that despite her appearance, she’s still a kid.  Her ego is still immature and of course it’s ‘all about her’.  She knows deep down that I’m here for her if and when she needs me – just not in an ultra cool let’s go party sort of way.  :/


3 thoughts on “Boring Mom Schtuff.”

  1. AH, the joys of Mommy-hoods. Mine do this: they want fun when THEY want it; kids are like cats. Only you get in trouble if you feed them out of a dish on the floor and forget to let them back in the house at night 🙂

  2. My 13 year old has taken on teen attitude with a vengeance this past week. Not only is he grounded from almost everything, but he continues to refrain from opening his month in an impolite fashion and increasing the length of grounding. AND he is sneaking around doing the things he is grounded from in the first place. He has all but said, “What are you going to do about it?”

    Feel better? 😉

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