I’m a Big Kid Nao!

It seems that I’ll be handling ‘money’ shipments that come into the branch bound for the Federal Reserve.  Not as glamorous or important as it sounds really: guys in an armored car show up and bang on the door.  I will open the door and count how many bags of coin [and these bags are HUGE] and bags of cash they’re dropping off in the vault.  Yes, they literally come in with a dolly loaded with bagged coins and cash and just dump the stuff.  0_O  I told you, no glamor.  The coin is heavy >_<  Once I match up the serial numbers on the bags with the shipment paperwork, I sign it and they leave.  Then I get put the bags in stacks and slap destination labels on them.  *sigh*  That’s the easy part…the paper cash is a pain in the A.

I got an unexpected check from BN today for copies of Only Words they sold BEFORE December.  Jinkies, it’s about time.  It’s enough to get me halfway to a print run for Loud Snow this summer.  This made me happy.

Off to check my mails, tweets, and drink some wine with spouse.


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