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Tuesday, January 26th.

I’ve forgiven wordpress enough to try and blog today.  ^_^

I’ve become full-on addicted to Criminal Minds.  Thanks to reruns on A&E and that ‘elderly’ demographic channel ION, it’s always on when I get home from work and just want to mellow out without changing channels.  It came up just in time since I’ve seen all the reruns of CSI[insertcoolcityhere] and Law and Order AEIOUsometimesY.  The only new shows I’m watching these days are Archer, Burn Notice, and Psych.  Oh yes, and I’ll admit to watching the occasional episode of Descendants of Darkness.  ^_^” I can’t help it, I’m just too nostalgic.

I tried to get into Caprica but…when only the last ten minutes of a show makes you want to watch it – that’s not a good sign.  0_o

I’m dreading work today.  We have this corporate golden boy coming in to ‘observe’ the tellers, bankers, and management enact the GAIN model [gain = small talk with a purpose].  Yeah, the days of no-hassle banking are over, we needz moneys nao.  What I resent is that I think our branch is fine.  We kick ass and our customers like us; but because we’re not adhere to some corporate asshats idea of ‘how we should collect new accounts’ – none of our accomplishments elsewhere matter.  That’s balls.  So I automatically have resentment to his presence today, which I’m desperately trying to overcome before I go in.  Seriously – no eye rolling, no looking at him like he’s a moron…nothing.  I have to be pod-person Banker-Bot if I want to keep my job past today.  *rubs temples* it’s going to be a long fucking days.

I sent my bio info off to San Japan.  Still waiting to here back from DMP about what I’m taking with me – and I’m currently preparing for the panel and the sales-table.  My daughter is going with me this year, so it should rock.  She’ll have a great time.  I’ll be talking about digitial distribution opportunities for indy BL web comikers – eManga.com, DLsite, and Amazon KINDLE – just to name a few.  The pros, the cons, and the in-betweens.  I’ll also talk about my own struggles writing within the webcomic format [NOT THE SAME AS WRITING PLAIN OLE MANGA].  AND—will be promoting Loud Snow.  Advance print copies will be available only at San Japan – everyone else can download their copy from eManga.com or KINDLE.

I have a pitch to Bruno Gmunder I need to prep for.  =_=; Will stress about this next week, when it matters.


7 thoughts on “Tuesday, January 26th.”

  1. Glad you posted today. Sorry to hear about your WordPress problems. I have another blogger friend that had the same thing happen to him. He’s started backing his up before publishing, and he’s going back and saving old stuff too. Guess I better get busy while there are few.

    We don’t get any incoming tv, but have all the Psych dvds that are out right now. Love that show.

    Busy, busy lady. Best wishes on these endeavors. Hope you and your daughter enjoy the whole experience. It should be fun to go back to the room and compare the day. Thanks for sharing your news.

  2. Hey there. Psych is great show, and I adore Burn Notice. Not so much into USA’s other stuff like Royal Pains or White Collar – and I actually did production work on WC. LOL!

    Have you seen Sons of Anarchy?

  3. No. What a great title! We have dialup, no cable and no satellite–recipe straight from the boonies. I usually love it out here, except for the internet connection. We’ve collected a very few series thanks to family. Most of them are my anime (lol), movies, Psych, and now Chuck. We’ve really enjoyed Chuck, though I don’t think it is as sophisticated as Psych. It’s sweet and fun. So what’s Anarchy about?

  4. SoA is great. It’s about a biker club in California. You can watch eps online [if you had a better connection :(] I haven’t see them in DVD yet.

    Have you ever watched the Tudors on DVD? I’ve been interesting in catching season 3.

  5. Oh! I have heard of SoA. I wouldn’t mind watching it. There are some good actors on it, if I remember right. Not sure if I should let my boys watch it. My 16 year old subconsciously imitates anything he thinks is cool. Tudors . . . is it an historical series? I’d like that too.

  6. My son is the same way :/ We don’t let the kids watch SoA because it does deal with things that are…a bit too gritty.

    Tudors is an idealized drama about Henry Tudor [stars hot cast in order to sell history].

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