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No I didn’t post any pics to Flickr from Saturday night.  Haven’t had the ambition.  😦

Today’s been monster hectic.  I’m going in to the bank at 11:30 today, staying till 6 – but it’s a Friday night, so traffic will suck on the way home.  I’m going in tomorrow, and while I don’t mind working Saturdays, I hate getting up early.  >_<

Took care of 2009 quarterly payments today [monies I owe to co-creators].  KINDLE still has not fixed the discrepancy and it’s been two weeks, two phone calls, and four emails.  Bastards. Createspace is down, not allowing me access to my ‘sales count’ page, so I had to backtrack through their monthly emails in order to determine how many print copies were sold of Gadarene – not pleasant, it was so small.  😦   I sent out a reminder email to my German publisher over questions from C about payouts on one book, and L about the release date of another book.  I say reminder because I was hoping to have this email by yesterday, so I could send out the info today with royalties.  No such luck.  They’ll have to wait till I have a free day next week in order to touch base with them.

I wanted to post this here, because when it was posted I completely didn’t see it.

Salanth is the pivotal villain in the Polish graphic novel I wrote called ‘Sacrifice‘.  She is the sister of Sanleth, the young man seen here with her in these scraps I posted at Flickr.   I think the artist is a true master at this style, and I love the design of this character.  Beautiful.

I had an insta-email pitch yesterday that didn’t go well.  In hindsight, I should’ve just said, it’s not done yet- can I email it to you when it is…but I didn’t.  Like an eager n00b, I whipped it out before it was ready.  He didn’t even want to finish reading it until I worked out better details on two of the main characters.  Then he’d read to determine if it’s worth passing off to his bosses.

Must try to work on that project this Sunday, no promises.

I’ve not been reading much, but there’s a ton of reviews coming out on great stuff.  I want to take the time to read, but I don’t have it.  I’ve also felt this complete disconnect to GloBL, which is scary.  Between Rainbow Shoppers no longer selling G-Bless [thanks Bakudan!], the pseudo-heterophobic outcry about m/m fiction  in certain circles, and the typical ‘rape me = love you’ fiction being sold as yaoi prose –  I’ve been utterly BUMMED about all things gay and erotic.  *sigh*  I reminded of something Magda [Gokunobaka] said to me recently – ‘I haven’t had much time to write buttsecks…’ but she didn’t seem upset about it.  It was ok.  Maybe I’ll be ok.  0__0  The curator of the Yaoi Review did ask me for some GloBL creator links, and I shared with her the web comics I’ve been reading – I’m hooked on anything by AgentAgnes, stuff by Dango Sunshine, and Starfighter.   At the same time I want to promote my own ‘Whore of Turfan‘, but I don’t want to come off as self-serving.


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