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Going Out For Saturday

The spouse and I are going into the city for a night on the town.  Kids are spending the night in their own room with babysitters.  A night of gaming, room service, and junk food.  They’ll be happy.

I’ve been looking to get away with just my spouse for a long time, so this should be nice; though it means I wont be writing this weekend, so I’ve managed to put that in its place in order to enjoy myself.  The guilt that comes from not writing what you think you’re supposed to be writing is soooo massive sometimes.  At least with me.  I don’t know if other writers stress about such things- I know I do.

My daughter and I had a LONG discussion about Lovecraft yesterday.  I’m a fan, always have been.  My daughter doesn’t like him because she feels he’s a racist and a ‘woman-hater’.  Our discussion was civil, and she had some great points.  It’s very weird to consider Lovecraft’s personal thoughts on other races, particularly the Jews, and then enjoy his work…as a Jewish reader.  Am I enjoying it as a horror reader, or a ‘Jewish’ reader?  Should the distinction be made?  Certainly had me scratching my head.   My daughter has her line in the sand with Lovecraft and she’s not crossing it.  :/

Speaking of crossing lines… did you hear the news?  Straight writers of gay romance are killing the gay people.  >__<  Yeah, I saw this blog title and didn’t even click through on my feed.  Shark Jumped Now – Channel Changed. Can’t take you seriously anymore, even if you did manage to come up with something substantial and meaningful in the 9th Inning of your argument…I’ll miss it because you went Full-Retard at the bottom of the 8th.   Did have a bit of fun today at the drama’s expense on twitter.  Thanks to Dale Lazarov and Zeke Hernandez [#baramanga] for the good times.  ^_- [[Comments down till I get back.]]


Baramanga: @dalelazarov FWIW i dont like most those wrts in m/m, so i wont read their work. dont rec their work. simple that.

dalelazarov: @PolishAthena @baramanga I only read technothrillers by submarines for a submarine audience. 😀

PolishAthena: @dalelazarov XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

PolishAthena @dalelazarov And you’re not a submarine because you weigh 200 tons, swim at deep depts, and have natural sonar. This makes you a whale!

Baramanga: @dalelazarov hahaha! then no subs will be out there trying to save your soul from badly written thrillers about submarines,

dalelazarov: @baramanga @PolishAthena I was astonished to find Tom Clancy is not a submarine! I feel gypped.

Baramanga: @PolishAthena @dalelazarov & whales will never know the submarine life, ever. they just can’t because subs are ‘the other’ and not alive.

PolishAthena: @dalelazarov @baramanga Can I tell you how much I hate the expression “the other”. :/ My bro was not “the other”. He was a human being.

Baramanga @PolishAthena i dont dislike the expression, it has a purpse. in ur case, this might be a twin thing tho. @dalelazarov

dalelazarov: @baramanga @PolishAthena “Dear Tom Clancy: since I found out you are not a submarine, I can no longer fap to your books.”

Baramanga: @dalelazarov @PolishAthena u can still fap to the movie. 😉

dalelazarov: @baramanga @PolishAthena I want to plumb depths with Sean Connery.

dalelazarov: @PolishAthena HA HA HA HA!!! He nominated his book for a periscope and the judges FREAKED.

PolishAthena: @dalelazarov @baramanga Did Tom Clancy trying to score awards from the Submarine community in order to sell his books – – I mean be an ally.

Baramanga: @dalelazarov hahaha! then no subs will be out there trying to save your soul from badly written thrillers about submarines,

dalelazarov: @baramanga @PolishAthena I don’t know what the issue is. A Periscope Award meant something when Submarine bookstores thrived.

PolishAthena: @dalelazarov @baramanga LOL! A blow hole is NOT a periscope. NOT EVEN SIMILAR.

Baramanga: @PolishAthena @dalelazarov and thats my issue with all this. ive no prob with straight writers or the trash they write. love trash.

Baramanga: @PolishAthena @dalelazarov its the outcry that came after they were denied lammys. lammys = book sales. why else submit ur title?

dalelazarov: @baramanga @PolishAthena The Pleasure Chest sells periscope cheaters.

PolishAthena: @dalelazarov @baramanga And unless you have one, you can never write about it.

dalelazarov: @baramanga @PolishAthena I understand that Tom Clancy asks his wife to strap on a periscope.

Baramanga @PolishAthena @dalelazarov u 2 arent dedicated enough 2 the insanity. im trying 2 make a point and u 2 are goobering off.

PolishAthena:@dalelazarov @baramanga Of course we’re goobers. Neither Dale nor I take ourselves so seriously we slag other authors to get attention.

dalelazarov: @baramanga – What @PolishAthena said!

PolishAthena: I’m an ally when it comes to RL, but erotica writing? No. Porn doesn’t make or break the community. @dalelazarov @baramanga

Baramanga: @baramanga @PolishAthena but outside perceptions do.

dalelazarov: @baramanga @PolishAthena my pecker does not know prejudice

Baramanga: @dalelazarov hahaha! neither does @PolishAthena’s, oh wait, she lost hers at birth. 😛

dalelazarov @baramanga @PolishAthena Gay men complaining about porn is like sheep complaining about sweaters being non-representational.

PolishAthena: @dalelazarov LOL! This must be on a t-shirt.

Baramanga: RT:dalelazarov @baramanga @PolishAthena Gay men complaining about porn is like sheep complaining about sweaters being non-representational.


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