January 7, 1971


I turn 39 today.  *sigh*

I don’t celebrate getting old the way some women do.  I’m out of shape and unhealthy.  My thyroid conspires against me, my real job steals my writing mind, and stress delivers the all to occasional blemish.   Eventually I’ll degenerate into some waddling limping bulbous thing one might see in Lovecraft’s retched Innsmouth.   “Whoa, is that Dagon’s cousin?  Oh no, that’s just Tina – she was somebody’s baby once.”

Austin is losing its shit this weekend.  To start we have this whole Rose Bowl thing.  Not a fan of the Longhorns, don’t care about college football.  Down here it’s a religion.  So Longhorns vs. Crimson Tide [Alabama to you normal people] causes snack food and booze shortages at grocery stores, and  airports and traffic jams.  On top of this, Mother Nature decided to turn us into the Northeast, giving us high wind and 20 degree temperatures.  Most of you living up north right now are likely laughing because temps in the 20’s are no big deal…well, it is to Austinites.  I personally am not a fan of cold weather.  I had to spend a week at a Great Lakes Naval Base TPU on the way to my duty station in the east, it was winter there.  It was WINDY COLD HORRID winter there.  I vowed never to expose myself to that again, so Texas seems a logical choice.  So far so good.  No snow, no tundra cold…but today, this week, this weekend – temps in the teens?? This is not my barter town.  Embargo on.  >_<

Off to take Magdalene to the batz training she must do before school in the morning.  It’s a few days a week at schul but it’s a pain in the ass because I have to take her.  Argh. This is supposed to be a happy day for me.  I sound so jaded and annoyed.  Perhaps I should blog in later in the day when I’m less grouchy.


6 thoughts on “January 7, 1971”

  1. Just so you don’t think to poorly of Texans, I will proudly admit that though born and raised there, I hate football. Stay warm and away from rabid fans.

  2. Even though you sound like you are not in a celebratory mood, Happy Birthday. I live in San Antonio and its either the Aggies or Longhorns down here. I don’t watch college football compare to the NFL which I watch religiously. I cheering for the Tide because Alabama is my father’s home state.

    I’m originally from Chicago and its funny how people in TX overreact with the “cold” weather in S.A. The Texan winters don’t even rattle my bones!

  3. Thanks all. Yeah, my spouse and the neighbor are watching the game right now. We had more then a few fans stop in where I work. Definitely not my thing.

    Thanks for the B-Day wishes.

  4. Happy belated b’day. I’m a month older than you, and man, my body just sort of fell apart all of a sudden! I need that personal masseuse still… a really pretty one of the young male variety….

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