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Wow, Two-Thousand Ten.

Akismet has been picking up a ridiculous amount of spam lately for this blog.  None of it’s going through, but it’s annoying all the same.

Zeke is away this week so I agreed to do updates for his twitter account – it’s just updates on sales, uploads, etc pertaining to menslove, bara, and gay comics and art.  To be honest I don’t much like doing it; yes I know I’m the one that started the account and then handed it over to him, but I don’t like linking to scanslations and that’s part of what he does with it.  But…he is a friend.

I guess I’m sick of everyone’s ‘year end round-ups’.  I find solace in the fact that most bloggers ignore GloBL enough to not do a round up of the years best so I can see what I didn’t accomplish this year.  I burned myself out writing multiple titles in 2007/08 – then blew my brain out trying to sell them in 2009…dealing with deadbeats, emotional nitwits, and boilerplate douchebags.  My sales for 2009 were dismal and if my books even see publication, I’ll be shocked.  The end of 2009 showed some promise since I was able to get digital deals for some titles in the hope that my artists get something for their work…so far it’s paying off.

2010 is my novels year.

I’m going back to self-publishing because ladies, I’ve seen the other side of the mountain and quite frankly, it can kiss my ass.  I’m tired of drama, delays, asshats, and dildoes who think they know more about my work then I do.    I’ll produce print versions of my new English material , whilst DMP and Class Comics can float my digital releases.  That’s my plan.  I can live with it.

Got to get ready for work…


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