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Oh What A Day…

I had the day from hell at work – seriously, I don’t even want to think about it right now… but things online have been pretty peachy.

Sean Meriwether
12.31.09:  Velvet Mafia is squirting its jiz on the wall after 8 years online. We’ve got sexually confused students, runaway convicts, hit men, escaped Jehovah Witnesses, tea room action, and creatures of the night prepared to take you ST8 to Bed! Join our literary deviants as they entertain, enlighten, and stimulate yo…ur own personal economy. Get online and get off with our first balls-to-the-wall issue in 2 years! Read Issue 24.

Guess who wrote the hit men story...take a guess, I dare ya!

Whore of Turfan” has a lovely new layout for 2010.  Wow.  Lissa and MT never cease to amaze me with their dedication and work on this web comic.  The site looks lovely, and I ADORE the new archive page.  I look at it and I can’t believe they’ve posted that many pages so far. Where has the time gone?  And this icon of me is the greatest thing eva

The gay historical blog Speak It’s Name had it’s year end listing of 5-star reads and Games with Me Volume 1 made the list.  Wow.  It’s the only graphic novel to make the list, so I was ecstatic.

Now on to some less lovely things:

As most bara fans are aware, Bakudan decided to sell all their ML comics exclusively through their own G-Project web store.  Many fans [myself one of them] bought from Rainbow Shoppers in Japan because they were one of the most Western-Friendly stores on the net.  Their comics area offers a host of original and fan doujinshi, a ton of ML, Gachi muchi, and BL for men – but in December, new Bakudan titles didn’t make the front page and ‘Bakudan’ disappeared from the side-bar.   Prices of Bakudan titles went up at RS and places like Big Gym, even Amazon.jp ran out of some titles and no longer restocked.  I emailed RS and because of the holidays they have yet to get back to me – but Bakudan did.  According to them, they’re selling their own mailorder exclusively – their site reflects this with more and more product pages being made available in English.

I don’t quite know how to feel about it.  On the one hand, it is nice to eliminate the middle-man and collect more funds for yourself – but is G-Project an independent circle of artists?  Surely Bakudan isn’t some indy imprint of Furukawa Shobu and so they must eliminate the middle man in order to pay their mangaka.  So what is the reason?  Whatever it is, I can’t imagine it’s going to sit well with all fans in the West.  Once you get used to a store and the way it does things, you get nervous about any change or new set up.    How does G-Project ship their books, is there privacy?  What shipping methods do they use, are they as affordable as RS’s were?  So we pay whatever the publisher says because they’re the only one’s selling their comics? :/  It just feels…weird.  It’s like my parents got a divorce and now I must choose which one to live with – either way it’s going to cost me.  0_o


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