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Tuesday Update

I’m about to take off for work, I have a busy week with just one day off – New Year’s Day.

Was checking out some stuff on the net and noticed that Rainbow Shoppers in Japan stop listing Bakudan titles in their main catalog.  I thought it was due to the fact that they just sold out and wouldn’t be back until after the holiday – but it seems that ‘Bakudan’ as a publisher was also removed from their sidebar.  I checked out G-Project and some of the retailers that used to be on their links page, were gone.

I emailed the G-Project site [Bakudan’s official ‘gay’ publishing arm] and the response was interesting – all comics and mailorder will now be exclusive with G-Project only.  I guess profits are slim and they’re looking to cut out the middle-man distributor?  I still think they should focus on the American market; there are plenty of fans here that love what Bakudan releases.

I got another interesting email this weekend – one from Velvet Mafia.  It seems that their 8th Anniversary issue is coming up…wow, 8 years.  I’ve submitted to them only once in the past, and it was published – My Victim.  It was a long time ago, very embarrassing because I sent the unedited version and knew they ‘didn’t edit’.  >.>   But this time I made sure that Brohkin’s Blues was edited and ready [thanks Katrina and others] before sending it out over the summer.  Well, thanks to a last minute drop out, my story is going into Velvet Mafia’s 8th Anniversary Issue.

Off I go…and now it’s sleeting outside.  >_<


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