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That’s A BINGO!!!!

…yes, I saw Inglorious Basterds over 8 times and loved it each time.  It must be the Jewish blood in me, and the love for guns and WW2.  I also suspect it’s like fucking guys like Eli Roth…you wonder why you’re doing it when you’re not in bed with him, but when you are – who cares what other people think!

I’m going in at 1:00 today, staying till 6:00.  Christmas Eve we’re closing at 3:00, so this week is weird for me on the hourly front.   I need to wrap some gifts before the kiddos wake up today [gifts were disgustingly pricey this year – PSPs, Netbooks, art supplies, and Teen lego sets] Oy Vey.  I’m glad we did both Hanukkah and Christmas this year, but the ‘H’ was definitely less expensive…and a little lonely this year without mamala.  >.>

Weird thing at work this week; a woman came in and cashed out her CD, it was worth about $205,000.00 – now whenever someone wants to cash anything over a certain limit we need authorization in order to clear it on the computer.  Same goes for Cashiers Checks.  So I issue the cashiers check for the $205k from a piece of paper called a GL Debit [when the banker facilitates the closing of an account with the customer and then sends it along to the tellers for cashing out].  Here’s my scandal:  I created the cashiers check, printed it, signed it – and the computer DID NOT PROMPT ME for a managerial override.   For that much money, it should.  I mean the banker could decide he/she is quitting that day and write themselves up a shitload of GL Debits, get cashiers checks, and then haul ass out of the bank and go cash them elsewhere [there’s banks all over this city].  So I asked about it, mainly because my signature is on that check and there’s one thing I always do when it comes to my job and allowing big-money to leave the bank:  take a hostageif it’s over a $1000.00, somebody else needs to sign or authorize in writing/code or I won’t run the transaction.

Now, according to the banker, she had to get the managers approval on the GL Debit, so that’s the override—plus the same manager also has to sign the cashiers check below my signature before we hand it over to the customer.  Ok…I guess. Though anyone can forge a sig.  0_0

Cut for Writing stuff:

Working this week is eating up my free time, but I did manage to scribble out a concept outline for a new novel on Sunday, the problem is that I’m not quite sure how they’re going to sell it – it’s not BL, m/m or any of the other alphabet soup dujour publishers love to serve with works in order to sell them – yet I’m not going to worry about it until after I’ve finished it.  DMP already has me for the manga ‘Loud Snow’ and Volume 2 of ‘Games with Me’, so I there’s plenty of time to write something new, as artists complete those titles.

Speaking of gay fiction, my editor [currently away at graduate school] took the revised manuscript for ‘Lost Along The Way’ back into her able hands.  I know it’s not as good as it could be, and I tried implementing many of the changes she requested on the first edit – the only problem of course is the sex and character development.  It’s a noir style novella bordering on pulp, and not my usual character driven work – and it shows.  The sex scenes are missing or incomplete because I’ve not been unable to write sex for about 6 months now.  :/

I wish there was a pill I could take…

I need to do something to pick the print sales of Gadarene up again.  I thought about digitally distributing it through emanga.com, but Gadarene is not gay romance, m/m erotica, yaoi or BL.  It’s not illustrated either…it’s a horror that just happens to have two male lovers as main characters.  I think I’ve got one bad review that was bad due to them buying the book and thinking – oh, m/m romance with some scary stuff…and when they didn’t get that, they got pissed.  I think because so many gay romance bloggers reviewed the book, this gave off a false sense of ‘genre-entitlement’?  The book was reviewed by a horror blog and two horror magazines as well…it’s even labeled by the distributor as ‘horror’, before ‘romance GLBT’.  0_0   I  know Cindy wanted to speak to a publisher friend about picking it up – I’ve seen his company and they have a lovely distro model in place; other than that, I wonder if it would be beneficial for us to look for a new print publisher.  His company would get us into places we didn’t get into before, so that’s a plus.

Has anyone read anything by Sean Kennedy?  Thinking of checking out his stuff [writing stuff!!] over the holiday and looking for some title recs.

Blogging over, time to finish my coffee and wrap some crap…happy holidays everyone.


2 thoughts on “That’s A BINGO!!!!”

  1. Yeah, there’s nothing more annoying than people assuming that just because you write about gay characters, you’re automatically writing M/M.

    I don’t. Icarus in Flight is the only one that can be called M/M (because it started out that way till I turned it into YA), and it’s my least favorite book. *snarl*

    I’ve got Gadarene on my To Buy list, so count me as one more customer. 😀 We’re trying to finish off 2009 by paying as much of our current credit card debts as we can before we start buying ourselves fun stuff again.

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