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Bruce Wayne Found…

…at least in Yayoi Neko’s world!  I seriously love her DC fanarts.  If you’re unfamiliar with this comiker’s work, she’s the author/illustrator of Kitty Media’s only GloBL series, Incubus.  Hot series, great artist!

Oh shiny disco balls…I guess I’m more than a little annoyed that BL comics are treated like freakish kidstuff, but m/m is given full court seriousness in this LA Times articles: Man on Man: The New Gay Romance.

Ok ladies, we need some respect…do I have to do it myself?


5 thoughts on “Bruce Wayne Found…”

  1. At least you and I each know we’ve offered intelligent soundbites in the midst of sensationalistic, misinformed articles. (Even when we’re taken out of context or misquoted…)

  2. That article on m/m was great though. Excellent quote from Buchanan about where she’d like her books to be – great coverage. Sadly, yaoi is restricted to squeals and corncobs. [yes, I wont let the corn thing die!! I hate it.] 🙂 It ranks up there with the term ‘Brokeback Manga’ for me.

  3. I do somewhat understand why they dont take yaoi as seriously considering its partially fantasy compared to the “real gay lifestyle” but I think its just as valid.

    Okay so the corn thing is rather amusing but ppl need to get over it because yaoi is more than just about magical corncobs. You know we just need to make our own news articles or its never going to be portrayed the way we want it to be, but more importantly be portrayed the way it is.

    We need to create and foster a new generation understanding womens sexuality better. My mother is a prude and thats fine but she thinks Im a pervert and Im 24 now. Grief. I’ve been into yaoi since I was 14 I didnt find it detrimental to my health. I wish we would treat sexuality (particularly womens) in a more mature and healthy manner.

    I have to think that ppl dont want women to enjoy the full range of their sexuality because that would be empowering women. I do think thats alot of it or ppl wouldn’t have such a problem with it. It makes me sick but I still believe alot of misogyny exists.

  4. Well, that was an unexpected pairing. Hang in there. Just think of how long it’s taken for gays to gain respect in general. Literature will take even longer, I suspect. Meanwhile, true fan numbers grow and eyes are opened.

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