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Not Much Time

…to blog.

I’ve been going in earlier than usual to cover some vacations being taken by others – it is the holiday season.  The bank was slammed yesterday because it’s the last payday for most people before Christmas.  Oy…

I need to find a good editor on the cheap.  My editor should’ve had this manuscript revised back in September, but I didn’t sit down and work on it until this month–now she’s unavailable and I have work that needs editing.  Likely concentrate on that after the holidays.

Read an article on webcomics recently, some sort of “roundtable” featuring bloggers – which tends to scare me off.  I should’ve remained scared.  They basically talked about webcomics, avoiding the mature/adult area, which was a bit disappointing.  Alternative and adult webcomics are a large part of the webcomics scene…  😦  You wouldn’t know it by reading that article.   I guess NSFW also means, Not Worth Mentioning.  I have some favorites – most notable being Starfighter [I love this one!].   I ordered the print version of the book through a friend and he’s bringing it over this weekend.

Speaking of erotica, Dale Lazarov is working on a comic featuring holy men – vicar’s to be exact.   I’m liking it because they wont be your ‘yaoi’ type holy men, these will be more like real older clergy – beard and bellies and all.  The artist is Charlie Hunter, and he’s posted some character art for the project at his Flickr.  🙂  Another thing I’m excited about is that Class Comics has released a new Fellionoids book – it’s only been like–FOREVER!–since the last one.  I’ve always been a huge fan of the series, so it’s cool to see it back in print with new material.

I’ve noticed that, despite the deluge of hetero Harlequin romance manga at eManga.com, ‘Games With Me’ is still holding strong as the second most popular.  ‘Yaoi Hentai 1’ which features a cover story written by me, holds firm at #1.   RENT GAMES WITH ME!! Come on, it’s only $2.    ^____^


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