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Games for Days…

Today’s earworm in ‘Games For Days’ by Interpol front man Julian Plenti.  What a great fucking song.

I managed to revise all 195 some pages of ‘Lost Along the Way’ today.  The only problem now is that it’s missing two key sex scenes, and my editor is in the UK finishing up her doctorate studies. *headdesk*

I’ve shaken this sinus crud I had hanging on me since Wednesday. It’s now in the coughing stages, and I no longer require constant meds, so this is a good sign; will be going into the bank tomorrow.

Read some books over the weekend – one of them was surprisingly hot… Remastering Jerna[…it’s all about the work people—I don’t have to be buddies with the author to read their shit]  You all also know how much I hate mushy BDSM – this ain’t mushy…IT BLEW MY NOSE AND BLEW MY MIND!  I have different hot buttons as many of you know, which is why I always loved Juxian Tang’s stuff whilst everyone around me always went…ew.  I put off reading Remastering Jerna because I thought it was a romance [PD Publishing?] but decided to give it a try after realizing that lots of readers still assume Gadarene is a romance and then get annoyed when they discover it’s not—[it’s horror people, it just happens to have gay sex in it, please don’t come looking for kisses and corset’s in Gadarene].   In my own weird way I wanted to beat the snot out of Jerna– I have my own reasons and I ain’t sharing ’em.   Personally I would’ve kicked his teeth out and sewn his mouth shut; but hey, that’s how I roll.  Needless to say,  I was happy to see him go to prison [yes ladies, prison sex – nuff said]; if you like the manga Hoshi no series from Tori Maia, you’ll totally dig this book, because it has the same sort of multi-faceted character development and all-inclusive world that Hoshi has…but it’s fiction, and sometimes fiction is better, you know?

I saw a message at the Outer Alliance board that troubled me.  Someone brought up an anthology that contained an author deemed homophobic by many, and the poster wanted to know if readers on the forum planned to boycott, since said homophobic author was involved in the book.  :/  I don’t like the fucking word homophobe – mainly because I’ve seen it tossed around like a grudge-grenade by certain bloggers; even had it lobbed at me over yaoi of all fucking things – by those who judge me based on my exclusionary argument for Japanese mangaka.  Not knowing me personally, or anything about my private life, they’ve deemed me a homophobe worth boycotting to anyone who’ll listen– so I know what it’s like to have that label tossed at me, and I can say it sucks.   It wasn’t fatal [they never planned on reading me anyway] but the point is, not knowing this author or the anthology, I guess the way the query posted to the forum was worded, really pissed me off.  Or maybe I was still annoyed with Jerna?

It reeked of shit-stirring, and we all know what a fan I am of that.  0_o  If the author is a homophobe, why did the editor choose to put him/her in an GLBT anthology?  Is the material relevant to the readership?  So only allies are allowed to create GLBT themed stories?  It just opens a can of weird worms for me…I don’t like allies who think they should be rewarded for writing the gay, and I don’t like those who crit non-allies for the writing the gay.  The problem with being such a double-edged sword is that after a awhile no one wants to take you out in times of battle, because you’re just too fucking dangerous to wield.

:/  *sigh*  Don’t be my Jerna people…I will punish you.


5 thoughts on “Games for Days…”

  1. I’ve been following the discussion.

    Apparently it’s not a GLBT anthology, and John C. Wright’s story was accepted before he posted all kinds of shit against gay people/characters at his journal (the post, not surprisingly, has been deleted). So from what I can see, the editor of the anthology is understandably worried about how the book’s going to be received now that Wright just showed his ass to the whole world.

  2. I suspect I’m chronically naive, but are politics so poweful that an editor can’t pick a well-written story without knowing the author’s views? I don’t know anything about the situation you’ve posted on, I just like to read a good story. Conflict (off the pages) saddens me. 😦

  3. @Hayden The impression I got from the Outer Alliance post was – hey there’s a glbt anthy coming out with a homophobe in it–will you support it? I see now though, thanks for clarifying some things for me. 🙂

    @Yousei I can tell you that in our tiny genre, and the bigger-tiny genre of homoerotic romance fiction…there’s always a conflict somewhere. =_=; Authors get into it with other authors, reviewers get into it with fans, bloggers get into it with reviewers…etc it’s a small world and grudges on the internet are like bleach stains on denim. :/

  4. Then you are a true soldier and champion of the art. It is art. What else could it be when a good story walks on a tightrope medium. Anais Nin wrote erotica, and though sometimes shocking, it is still amazing. I look forward to finding some of yours having a good sitdown read. 🙂

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