Sick Day

I’m home sick today with a nasty sinus infection.   I went to the Dr this morning and got some meds – slept most of the day.  Told my spouse to make his office holiday party, I would pick up the kids – hopefully I wont be so out of it that I kill us all trying to drive home.  [Just kidding].   It’s weird, I haven’t picked the kids up from school in weeks.  I only see them after 7pm when I finally get home from the bank.  It’ll be nice to tool around with them if I’m able – I didn’t take anymore medicine so I could pick them up, but now the sinus pressure is returning and my nose is leaking like the ass of a horny uke.

I’m afraid I’m going to overdose on Hawaiian Punch Orange – which is in no way as healthy for me as real orange juice…but damn it’s good.


6 thoughts on “Sick Day”

  1. I was going to get all sympathetic and shit till I saw the leaky uke ass bit. It’ll take a miracle to get that mental picture out of my head.

    Go to bed and take it easy!

  2. @Hayden hey you! I’m going to medicate the brain after I bring the kids home. *thumbs up*

    Saw your post on the Winchester House. LOL! I hate when that happens! Hey, did you get the book?

  3. I got the book and mentioned it in one of my previous posts. Thanks! It’s awesome – too bad I don’t own a bag that’s large enough for me to take it to work. XD I read during my breaks, and I wanted to show off my ongoing Slavic folklore education with your book.

  4. @Hayden I follow blogs through google-reader; sometimes all the updates come through, and sometimes they don’t. Sorry if I missed it. It is quite oversized, looks great in the study library though. ^_-

    @Katrina yes! Thank you! I had a friend order a copy of Starfighter for me and I’ve been too sick to get over there and see if it arrived yet. I love that series, glad the creator invested in self-printing it.

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