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Sigh, it’s Thursday

I haven’t blogged in a few, been bogged down with work at the bank, and this damn sinus infection I can’t quite shake.

The German edition of Games with Me has been delayed yet again. =_=;  at this point I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.  The publisher is short on staff and it seems the book just isn’t ready for print – so she’s going to have to do the pre-press herself.  This means it won’t be ready by December. At this point, I think I just give up.   I signed my contracts, the stories are written, and I know Amelie and Lynsley will do their part to finish what needs to be done.  As for Roulette, I have no fucking clue what’s happening, and if that book ever gets finished, it’ll shock me.  My spouse says I need to get out of erotic graphic-novels, and I’m inclined to agree. Small presses offer only back end deals, and having to split them with an artist who just can’t or won’t stay focused because the money isn’t good enough, doesn’t make it worth the frustration.

I got a very cool holiday card from Cyn, one of the Babes at Boys Next Door. Thanks Cyn! It’s all gothic and cool and stuff. ^_-

A couple of cool posts I want to share – Simon Jones check out comics on the Nook, and Boys Luv.com launched this week  also, this article on November’s Bishiecon.   NOW DO YOU KNOW WHY YAOICON DOESN’T LET THE PRESS IN??


15 thoughts on “Sigh, it’s Thursday”

  1. Mixed feelings on the Bishie Con article. I’m proud to have been mentioned — misparaphrased and all. :\ I think the reporter actually did a decent job of summarazing a complex genre for the n00bs and so take no issue with any minor inaccuracies there. My issue is with the fact that she misrepresented and sensationalized the mood/vibe of the convention. The crowd was downright polite and a pleasure to be a part of, not to mention a good portion of us were middle age, but you wouldn’t know it from reading the article.

  2. Enjoyed your post and the links! Sounded like a wild Con. Sure I would have blushed and loved it! Hope you feel better (sinus infection and publisher infection).

  3. @Katrina I think what really irks me is, that to me – it’s another thinly veiled hatchet job. Someone on the outside just goofing on what they don’t understand, all the while disguising it as an article.

    All she talked about what corncobs in assholes, and squealing girls. :/ I’m still scratching my head as to why Twilight was even mentioned; I guess from a marketing perspective this is an ‘ok’ article – but from a creators perspective, it made me cringe.

    I disagree with the sentiment of ‘a little embarrassment is worth the yaoi publicity’ that I think Ms. Abraham cited over at the Yaoi Review community. I assume she was speaking for herself so I won’t be gnashing teeth and tearing my collar, she’s obviously looking at the genre in a different light then I am – but I must say, any form of article that presents ‘yaoi’ in the vein of a side-show or ‘ew look at this’ is not the sort of publicity I want for the genre.

    I’m sticking by my guns – Yaoi, BL, GloBL isn’t for everyone, so everyone doesn’t need to be exposed to it; let it be a diamond that must be mined for – stop trying to put the diamond in a ringset and sell to everyone that has a finger.

  4. I admit when the interviewer first approached me, I heard a Scooby Doo “Ruh Roh” in the back of my head. However, Riverfront Times is an “alternative” paper so I expected more sensitive treatment than we received. If the reporter had been with a mainstream paper, I would have run screaming. However, “alternative” paper or not, I did expect *some* misrepresentation, and so agreed to an interview in the hopes of offering some balance to what I knew would likely be an “off” article. (Maybe not THAT off, but I did expect it.) But as you see, my 10 minute interview was paraphrased into a few sentences. Meanwhile, Jessica Freely talked with the reporter for like half an hour, but only one of her quotes was included. In all fairness, the reporter emailed me to apologize for the one point she misquoted/paraphrased me on, and explained that she had originally included more varied info but it was edited for length. I guess we see which slant her editor was aiming for.

    I’m personally more WTF over the accompanying blog post “So now you want to read some yaoi?” in which the reporter linked to scanlation sites?!? *facepalms* Yet my work and website are also referenced at the end of that post and I’m getting some traffic out of it, so yeah, mixed bag here. Ay yi yi.

  5. @Katrina I saw plenty of quotes that totally put me off – and they appeared to be cherry-picked for best ‘slant-effect’. :/ Still, at least it wasn’t as bad as the cover art placed on that SF Chronicle article on yaoi from years ago… oh wait, maybe it was… =_=;

    BTW, how is Jessica? I haven’t touched base with her since the Iris debacle.

    @Yousei thanks for the warm sentiment. Not feeling much better today – had to take off work and visit doctor. x_x Am medicated now.

  6. I agree with you that all publicity isn’t necessarily good publicity. Yaoi will never be mainstream and although this is an alternative newspaper, it’s an alternative newspaper in the Midwest. The non-alternative people will still find the post and could still cause problems for the rest of us. Iowa isn’t that far away and we see what happened there with the Handley case. Being from the Midwest myself, for all the open minded people there are, there are 2+ more that won’t see things the same way. I prefer yaoi to spread via word of mouth to like minded people. This may not make publishers happy but before the economic breakdown, things weren’t as bad as they are now so clearly it was working. Some things, like the economy, are simply out of our control.

  7. @Jennifer

    Thanks for commenting. I can’t comment at LJ but boy I was a little annoyed by the article. ^_^”

    Some of my annoyance sprang from selfishness …. reporter spoke to Amelie Belcher: she mentions her panel, but not her work. :/ If the artist is heading up a panel called ‘how to draw yaoi manga’ wouldn’t you list her creds in the article? I guess there weren’t enough corncobs in Amelie’s catalog to worth mentioning it.

    Another thing – she spoke with seasoned creators like Katrina and Jessica, older women with a vested creative interest and passion for the genre; and yet focused entirely on all the things that annoy people most about the genre – the underage or youthful set that’s easiest to ridicule and the outright porn being produced for porn sake.

    I suppose it’s harder for them to marginalize the genre when they’re presented with college educated woman over the age of 30, with real jobs and life experience; so they chose to focus on the ‘gals’ dressing up and squealing and acting as if it’s a slumber party on a Friday night. Don’t get me wrong, I love young yaoi readers, bless them–they make the genre fun at cons, they do! Shit, some of them even buy my books…but to display them in a such ‘look and point’ sort of way, IS NEVER COOL. My daughter is a BL fan; one day she’s going to be carousing the halls of a hotel at a con in her Sgt Frog hat, corncob inkpen, and an I Love Yaoi t-shirt, and I’ll be damned if someone is going to think less of her for it. Not when girls her age are likely doing worse on a Friday night. What’s sad is, many of the girls are having so much fun, they don’t realize they’re the ‘story’ in the article’s slant – and that’s not cool.

    I’m rambling…it must be the meds. =___=;

  8. Yeah, all the corncob references were getting ridiculous. Not to mention how rowdy she made it sound there. I went to YaoiCon this year and even THAT wasn’t rowdy. Everyone was rather well behaved. I was quite surprised.

  9. I think one of the things I found most offensive and I’m surprised that I found no one commenting on it yet is where the reporter says “Yaoi boys, called bishounen (or bishie for short), don’t just make it with vegetables. They do their teachers, their brothers, their dogs.”.

    THEIR DOGS??? I’m not saying that it hasn’t happened. Bestiality has happened in a yaoi called “Pleasure Dome” (it wasn’t a consensual thing either) but this is not the depraved image I want ppl interpreting yaoi to be.

    Because of a line like that a religious fanatic in the comment area basically compared homosexuality to pedophilia and bestiality. That they think this is like a gateway.

    On another note I’m really damned tired of yaoi fangirls being interpreted as so sexually deviant, compared to girls I’ve known a damn dime a dozen that didn’t read any type of pornography and were the biggest harlots in the school.

    Oh and parents just because a girl reads an adult book doesn’t make them go out and have sex stop being ridiculous. Womens sexuality is more complex than a mans.

    I also agree with you Tina about the older women they are underrepresented and have alot of scholarly and insightful things to say.

  10. @Catherine

    It’s possible they were referring to the few titles where the character’s dog transforms into a human with ears and a tail. Doesn’t help that she doesn’t clarify that fact though. Again, it’s all about sensationalism at our expense.

  11. I was thinking of that myself Jennifer, of course if you’re not in the “club” you’re probably going to interpret that very literally. I wish she would have had a side note on that. If there was a better understanding of womens sexuality this wouldnt be such a problem.

    Lets say a bunch of guys go to yuricon nobodys going to go in there and ridicule them. The medias consensus on that would be “boys will be boys” and “ZOMG 2 women are soo haawwwttt”.

  12. @Catherine I avoided that quote intentionally because I loved Pawprints from Anne Cain and I even like Master from Lara Yokoshima. LOL! I did my best to avoid reading comments on the piece because I knew the article would illicit the same sort of asshat-commentariat that comes when articles like this crop up.

    I agree completely with your assessment though that it’s fucking insulting to my gender in that somehow ‘the sex lives of ink’ are going to make us mindless humanoid gals go out and do weird things. :/ My daughter reads BL, she loves Le Peruggine – but she has yet to tell me she desires a sex-change so she can go out and get herself a gay male boyfriend. *rolls eyes*

    I seriously think comments like those on that article, discredit the average intelligence of a young woman – because you’re right, if this were a guy thing…there would be no jumps to judge. Why is there so much fear and ignorance whenever women find something sexy?

    @Jennifer “Again, it’s all about sensationalism at our expense.”

    This. And it sucks when it’s another woman doing the sensationalizing.

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