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The Weekend

Oh Christmas Tree oh Christmas Tree...I took pee on one once… I spent this weekend doing the ‘Christmas thing’ with the family.  Yes, my disenfranchisement looms large with each new holiday.  O__0


I uploaded some pics for friends and family over at my Flickr. Don’t click if you could care less.  ^_-

It must be a holiday miracle…


It’s about time really, it’s only 2010…I guess they figure they have two more years until the Earth shifts on its axis and destroys civilization as we know it, so what’s two years of conducting logical business to business eCommerce going to hurt?  Am I right?

Ok, that was rude I know–but I’m in one of those moods.  I got a Zune HD as a gift recently, and love it very much.  What I don’t like is having to deal with Microsoft and their ‘please use all things microsoft in order to avoid potential errors that we all know will happen anyway because we’re Microsoft‘.   Because I synchronized my device with the Zune site via Firefox, I now has probs.  :/  Still, I love my Zune.

I got zero in the way of writing done this weekend.  I mostly did holiday shopping for the kids, and spruced by the house for the season.  Hopefully I can snag another Saturday off next weekend and get some writing finished.


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