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Wednesday Morning

This weekend at work was uneventful, again – this is how’d I’d like it to stay.

Yesterday I was scheduled for 11, and thought I was scheduled for 1.  >_<  No cell phone meant no one was able to get hold of me, and with the bad weather, everyone at the branch was worried something had happened.  I felt like an idiot for writing down the wrong time.  This won’t happen again – and of course I’m going to have to buy a cell phone.

So where was I at 11?  At the Dr.’s office being lectured about not taking my synthroid like I should; also, being lectured on weighing 192 pounds when I’m only 5’3”.  Not exercising enough, not eating at the proper times and not eating the proper foods, and of course – the double whammy curse that haunts all happy AmeriPoles: too many carbs and too much alcohol… такое жизнь! That’s right, just like the  most interesting man in the world, I can speak French—in Russian!

I’m trying to help out the spouse today, so before going in I baked a cake and put some stuffed peppers and sauce into the slow cooker, on low.

Hmmm. Stay thirsty my friends!


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning”

  1. “Not exercising enough, not eating at the proper times and not eating the proper foods”

    In other words, the writer’s diet? Yeah, I need to quit doing that shit, too. We dirty old women have to take better care of ourselves!

  2. @yousei Hime Those dos equis commercials are great! They have one where they say: ‘he lives vicariously, through himself’. LOL! I like the one that says ‘he once had an awkward moment, just to see what it felt like.’ ^_^

    @Katrina yes! Only my thyroid is making worse and I’m not keeping up with my medication. 😦 It’s pure laziness on my part.

  3. Now those sound like good commercials, makes you think and laugh. Thankfully, we don’t have any incoming tv now–no cable or satellite. So we only watch dvds. Of course, when we visit family, almost all we do is watch tv 😉

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