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Sunday Morning

Today I write, and finish the pile of laundry I have sitting in the delicate’s bin.   I made sure when I went shopping for ‘business professional’ clothes this year, the garments would all be ‘machine washable’.  Not that my area isn’t loaded with dry-cleaners…I just don’t like their schedules.

Amazon Advantage made a sizable order for Only Words.  There’s either a review out there, the book made someone’s list du jour, or Amazon is just gearing up for the holiday shopping rush on manga.   I’ve noticed my KINDLE sales have plateaued – with readers checking out Gadarene and Only Words, but ‘Games’ is still my biggest seller. surpasses KINDLE in download sales – I made the right choice in signing with DMP to distribute the English edition digitally.  Now if only I can get them to allow their readers to post reviews.  :/

I’ve heard nothing from my German publisher about the print release date for Games still being December – and have heard nothing back from the artist about Roulette.   I do know Amelie is working on Loud Snow, and the completion date is still on track – at least we’ll be earning something from the digital release thanks to DMP.

I’ve been drawn to an offer for me to ‘write’ a light-novel.  I’m very keen on going back to my guns/guys thing, it’s something I’m terribly nostalgic for – and yet at the same time, my submissions are still sitting here, waiting to be cleaned up for presentation.  It’s weird to know where to start…  I’m holding off on the Rubicon project until Blackest Night completes – and as far as Mestiza goes…I heard through the grapevine that a certain manga pub looking for original material isn’t really paying enough to sustain a good production wage for any artist I may bring onto the project.  That was a downer to hear; some companies just don’t get it – you can’t demand an artist work on a project for a substantial period of time without giving them some compensation between pencils and complete arts.  This is a company that know better, and that’s what’s so disappointing.    Also – backend deals?  Not these days, sorry.

I got a very cool invite from my online artist friend Tinpan; she’s developing something for a Philippine GLBT magazine called Ketchup and asked me to write a short story – she’d be illustrating.  I was very honored she asked me, because I enjoy her arts and think she’s a great illustrator.  ^__^

As for real life things – the holiday shopping season is here.  Ugh.  Spouse and I went out last night for some retail walking and coffee, and picked up a few things from my daughters list of ‘must haves’.

Maggie’s List
-Domo Kun Doll
Copic Markers
-9×12 flip-top sketchbook
Make Your Own Comic Book ‘set’
Comic Strip Daily Boards
-Small Square Sketchbook[s]
-gameboy advance
DS points card

Ian’s List
Acer Netbook
-Bionicles he can build
-Halo Remote Control sets
-xBox 360
McDonald’s Gift Card
-Half-Life 2 shirt
-Bad Company game [xbox 360]
-Call of Duty/World at War [xbox 360]

Mom’s List
-Zune 30 GB Digital Media Player
-Beretta 92FS

Dad’s List
-Ernest Hemingway Correspondent’s Desk
-New xBox 360 controller

Ok, I have a friend’s concept work to read and then I’m going to get some writing done.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning”

  1. I am so delighted to have stumbled on your blog. I am an insane fan of manga, yaoi in particular. From what I’ve read, you are doing well in your career. Congratulations. I look forward to reading more.

  2. Hi Yousei Hime, thanks for commenting. 🙂

    I don’t blog much about ‘yaoi’ these days – I used to, over here: This blog is primarily the boring counterpart – more about me and real life instead of BL and authoring. Occasionally I do make posts like this, because the business side of my hobby-writing does creep into the my real life day, on occasion. 🙂

  3. Yes, I visited your other sites today as well. I realize the one is archived, but I’ll work my way through it over time. You know quite a bit about the whole BL world, as writer and reader. I hadn’t realized there were so many distinctions until I read some of your posts. I have favorites (who doesn’t) but most tend to be pretty tame sexually but strong story-wise–Fumi Yoshinaga (only name I can think of), Shout Out Loud series, and . . . my memory fails, as usual. There are a few more mature examples, Finder Series is one. I’ve often wondered what turns me on so much in yaoi, when the reality of it does not.

    Anyway, don’t knock your everyday blog. Your writing is engaging, and as a parent and hopeful writer, I enjoy it. Perhaps we can chat sometime about the ins and outs of writing and publishing. If you want a change of pace, the slow and plodding kind, you’re welcome to stop by my blog and drop a line. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the kind words about my blog. 🙂

    I’m a Yoshinaga fan as well. Another good storyteller is Est Em. *nods* if you see her titles out there, pick them up.

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