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Wednesday Morning

I did a little writing last night before SOA.

SOA was great last night!  It was sad watching Weston come unglued as his kids were put in the system – but at the same time, WTF did he expect? He raped Jax’s mother, of course there’s karma!!  I did notice that during the big rumble, Weston didn’t put up much of a fight.   I also loved the way the Irish brothers were set up for Chibs ratting out the IRA to Stahl.   I also enjoyed seeing egg on Stahl’s face once again, even if she is one of my favorite characters. ^_^

Been keeping up with DC Comics things – and I have to say this about Achillesbig deal.  Don’t tell me in an interview or on a forum that he’s gay. :/  Show me in the storyline; that’s where it counts.   Not that it counts for anything other than turning me on in some weird strange way. I’d be just titillated if Diana got involved with Phillipus.  Show, don’t announce.

This looks like a lot of fun, but this is just plain funny.


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