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I ordered a cooked smoked turkey from Dickey’s and paid for it in advance.

It was their last smoked one, so I was pretty happy I got it.  The plan was to pick it up today and reheat it for tomorrow. I  got there and to my horror, the sales lady said that one of their new people sold the smoked turkey I paid for, to someone else. :/  She offered me a fried one, but we all know that fried turkey is best eaten fresh – no one eats reheated fried turkey on purpose.  0_0.

She refunded me with apologies – unfortunately all the pre-prep turkey deals in our city are sold out- so I was forced to buy a raw one, and so the spouse will have to cook it.  No hardship, but still a downer.  I was getting this turkey so my spouse wouldn’t be stuck cooking it all day – how is it a holiday when you have to spend it watching over a cooking bird? 😦

I’m off tomorrow – but I’ll have to go back in on Friday, I’m also waking up at the butt-crack of pre-dawn in order to make this sale so my son will have a Netbook for the holidays. Oy…

Still – I got lots to be thankful for, so I’ll just stop griping right now and go drink me some wine and watch me a movie. 13th Warrior sounds good…

BTW – this montage kicks assUgh, watching Arti die again…


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