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Monday Night and Sleepy

Bah! added two Harlequin Manga romances to their front page, bumping Games off the front row marquee. :/ My book has slipped to fourth place in popular views – behind all four Yaoi Hentai books. Crap.  My ad with y!Gallery starts in December, perhaps sales will pick up. I was happy to note that on the massive list of BL recs for beginners over at the Yaoi Review community, two of my titles were mentioned – one of them twice. ‘Games with Me’ and ‘Only Words’. The fact that my name is brought up at all on behalf of GloBL in the sea of Japanese Yaoi recommendations made me a little proud. I worked hard, and in my opinion, it paid off. I’d love to go over there and thank them, but instead I’ll just lurk quietly.

Over on Twitter, Alex Wolfson retweeted news that there are 3 pubs looking for homoerotic content – Lethe Press, Alyson, and Dreamspinner. I need to shop Gadarene again, get it into fresh outlets other than Amazon, will have to try Alyson or Lethe Press; I think Dreamspinner is only digital. The issue with Gadarene is that it’s a horror first, gay romance second:  a horror novel that just happens to have gay characters in a romantic relationship…it’s a bit of a tough sell to push it at a ‘gay erotic/romance’ publisher.

I read Nightlife by Dale Lazarov, illustrated by Bastian Jonsson. I’ve known Dale from the around the net [we writers tend to meet when pollinating the same flowers ^_-] and Bastian and I were Flickr mates – only knowing each other through our galleries, I don’t think we’ve ever had a conversation.  I enjoyed Nightlife muchly, even though I was apprehensive about reading it. I loved Manly because of Amy Cogburn’s art, and wasn’t keen on the cover of Nightlife. I was pleasantly surprised – [I learned never to turn a title away because it has themes I might not like – Butch McLogic’s Tug Harder (NSFW) from Class Comics is one of my all time favorites and that was a book I was determined to hate LOL!].

Work was boring today; not much going on except the typical. Hope it stays this way.


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