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Big Deal, It’s Friday

I say this only because I’m working tomorrow. :/

Lynsley and I have been very thankful for the reviews and recs we’re getting for ‘Games with Me‘.   We know volume two will be just as kick-ass, and now that I’m see eManga doing so well with fans, I’m thinking of releasing Roulette through them also.  Once Laura is finished with it of course…

Today is Friday – Whore of Turfan updates tonight!!!

Cut for boring bank stuff:

Yesterday was spent training on ‘small talk with a purpose’.  I  admit I like this formula ten times better than advising a client to open an account when he/she is just there to make a simple deposit or cash a check.  No initial banking product talk works fine with me – I’m new, and not a saleswoman.  Getting to know their names and a little bit about them is more important to me then ‘Suggesting’ what account would be best for them.

The company served us a deli sandwich lunch, I saw turkey but two of the girls said they contained bacon and dashed my hopes a bit – the other sandwiches were ham.   (>_<)  Thankfully Nora, a teller manager from another branch also training there that day, informed me of the ‘turkey wheat’ subs which had no bacon. I hate wheat bread, but I choked it down, anything is better than tuna salad – or any lunchmeat salad.  Blech.  Overall, the food was pretty bad.  The only saving grace was the homemade cookie  that was the size of my hand. ^___^”

I got to speak to someone about my issues at the branch. We’re all certain at this point that my lack of cash handling during mentoring coupled with the fact that I’m not being transition into my new branch by a ‘proper’ teller manager is likely the cause of all the stress. The frequencies of my overages are common, and teller-managers deal with them all the time with newcomers—but this isn’t brought to the attention of the ABM or BM until it becomes something the teller manager can’t fix with the newbie. Sadly, I’m being transitioned by the BM and ABM – putting undue pressure on me, and putting undue pressure on them. They micromanaging molehills as if they were mountains; making me feel like the bank is something I’m not cut out for—and frustrating them because they’re not accustomed to dealing with ‘the minor’ issues in a more personable way. Did ya get all that? I did. ((>.>))

I’m going to give it two more weeks; do the best I can – obviously they’re in the same boat as I am – which is uncharted territory for all three of us, and if I find there’s still undue pressure for me or I feel like I’m being ambushed or over-managed, then I’ve been given an email for someone I can contact. I was given this person’s email after relaying the details of what transpired during my mid-90 days review, regarding my thank-you letter to another branch [the branch where I mentored].   I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that felt that the way my ‘email to the other branch’ was brought up to me during that review was ‘out of line’.

Wednesday was a great day at work, I’m hoping today will be more of the same.


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