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What’s HER Problem??!

I’m actively avoiding the whole Harlequin Horizons discussion now – mainly because some Harlequin-friendly bloggers have suddenly gone ‘full retard’ when it comes to distinguishing the difference between Vanity Publishing and Self-Publishing.

Sorry – this isn’t Field Day in Elementary School.  Not everyone gets a trophy just for participating.

Don’t say you’re doing writer’s a favor by selling your ‘brand’ coupled with services NOT INTENDED for real writers.

  • Writing is work.
  • Publishing yourself on your own dime, with your own brand, for your own fans – is work.
  • Submitting to, and being accepted by, a legitimate publisher – is work.

Paying Harlequin Horizons to publish you with their logo on the spine of your book

  • – is Paying to Play.

Play is not Work.
That’s really all that needs to be said.

Better Opinions on the Subject:

{I was waiting for this one, with a smile on my face.} [Goldberg]
{I don’t like the title of her entry – it suggests SELF PUBLISHING is on par with VANITY. 😦 } [Writer Beware Blog]
{A More Apt Blog Title} The Naughty Bits

Ok, this is just hilarious: Small Beer Press – Horizons!


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