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Wednesday What…

Yesterday went well, until the end of the night.

I balanced out my bank-till at 3:00 and rolled my computer over to the next business day – all was well.

At about 5:30 last night, a man comes in needing rolled coins.  The ABM wasn’t there and we needed to get into the vault because I had no rolled coins and neither did the temporary girl assigned to the drive-up window.  The Branch Manager was there, so she came over and we did something called an IOT – which is when we take coins from the vault and put them into the teller’s system.  She dumped them all into my system, with the plan of cashing out the man waiting, and then having the ABM come in and disbursing the rest.   I entered them in as she wrote it down and the rolled change went into my coin vault.  Heavy stuff – I definitely got a workout.

Sometime between 3:00 and 6:00, I lost $150.00 from my till. 0_o

I’m very annoyed by this because this will be the second time I’ve had a shortage around this size, since working there – and so at this point I’m sort of scared for my job.   I know you only get so many times you can epically fuck up before you get canned in banking and I’m wondering how many times it’s going to happen…this is why my Manager was terminated – she’s overrode a transaction that cost the bank a substantial amount of money – but I guess this wasn’t her first offense so, adios.  I can’t shake the feeling this has something to do with the IOT. If it doesn’t, and this is down to me giving away too much money – I’m royally screwed.

On a related note, I’m sick of coming home from work every night stressed, annoyed and on edge.  I made a concentrated effort yesterday to be nice to the bankers, and we had a corporate visitor and I was cool with him as well.  No hostility, eye rolling, or a hint of dissatisfaction with the job.   The day was great, until I came up short at 6 pm.  :/


I owe Amazon Advantage that straggler book, that I must get out into the mail today – I’m also sending a friend one of my own books about Slav myth, so she can do some research.


Sons of Anarchy was good last night, but it moved a little too fast – glossing over Opie’s rage at Clay and Tige over Donna’s death; and Gemma – wtf was she doing!? Tige finally showed some sense on that one.  Also, the way Opie handled Stahl was perfect – but I want to see what happens when Weston finds out that Zobelle is all about making deals with ethnic types in order to supply heroin to skinheads in prison.   Weston is such a racist, it’ll kill him.  SOA was a nice escape from the end of my work day, I should send them a thank you letter.


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