So Far, So Not-so Good.

My mid-90 day’s review was today.

I’m good with customers, good with tellers, technically proficient – but it seems that I have issues with the ‘bankers’, management, and corporate staff.   To the  management, I come off as belligerent or oft times confrontational [not with the customers – mind you, but with them]. I didn’t even bother to argue or get worked up while being told this because I know it must be true.

I’ve always had an issue with authority – that combined with the fact that I’ve been an isolated writer for the past four years with little to no proper ass-kissing or conformity skills, certainly isn’t helping my move into corporate banking. =_=;   I’m going to make a concentrated effort to not just fit in, but fit in the way they want me to.  Deep down it makes me want to shoot my soul out the back of my head with Yusuke Urameshi’s spirit gun…but I’m going to do it.  It’s not like I can’t use the people skills.  :/

Despite the fact that I’m not  happy with this branch I’m at [I thought I was being hired for a Georgetown Branch] – I was sort of cornered about an email I sent.

I sent an email to thank the manager at the branch where I mentored, for being so cool with me during my training, and did so – and let her know that if she ever needed an extra body, to keep me in mind.    Well she put in a request for me, and the transfer was denied.  It was presented to me in sort of an ambush fashion at my review – in the form of ‘so you requested a transfer to…’ Wow – I was a bit taken a back. I didn’t quite know what to say, and I felt cornered.  If I say ‘yes I want a transfer’ then I come off as saying ‘I Hate your branch’ and that is not what I wanted to say. Either way, it was very uncomfortable.  It also sucked that my transfer was denied –  I have to be at one branch for 90 days before I can transfer, and I have to be at a branch AND get a ‘positive review’ in those 90 days in order to keep my job.

Ugh, not off to a good start I guess.


3 thoughts on “So Far, So Not-so Good.”

  1. Urg. That sounds soul-crushing. I’m sorry they don’t seem to take “capable” and “self reliant” and “easily and visibly irritated by time-waster twazzcocks” very well. *hugs*

  2. Hey Tam!

    The thing is, I know I must’ve been rude or come off as ‘I don’t want to be here’ at some point, and it caught the wrong suits attention. :/ I have only myself to blame for not wearing a better a poker face.

    Yes, it is crushing. I don’t even want to go back today–but I have bills.

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