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Busy Busy Week.

Due to staff issues, I’m working everyday this week except Sunday.  I’ll try to get some early morning writing done, yet I won’t hold myself to it – I’m going to be getting back on the exercise wagon again, I need the energy.

I have lots of reading planned on Sunday – Nightlife by Dale Lazarov, my Japan friend’s speech [they’d like me to check the English…], the excellent and wonderful Carrie [my net-rep] has a doujinshi she’s working on and would like me to read it; and  there’s eBooks I need to catch up on…most notable being Ms. Anne Cain’s Pawprints stuff which has been sitting on my hard drive waiting for me to read FOREVER.  Every time I’ve tried to open the damn thing, something comes up and I have to leave the computer.  (>_<)


I got my sales report from Createspace today on Gadarene.  One copy sold this month. That’s one a month for the past two months. :/ The flower has bloomed and dried on the vine. I think it’s time to find a real publisher in order to get the book into book-fairs, libraries, and other outlets. It’s more horror then romance – will talk to c.b. about it.


The kiddos want netbooks this year, my son wants his to play games and listen to music on his  – while Maggie wants hers to surf the net and upload her art to deviant; neither plans to use the thing for academic purposes – but we’ll see about that.


Spouse and I went to It’s Italian on Saturday night.  It was great food! Out of the way location – but the prices and the food and the atmosphere made it worth driving  lost for fifteen minutes on Wells Branch Parkway.  If you’ve ever driven on Wells Branch Parkway just off 35, you know what I’m talking about.  ((0_0))

Busy week ahead of me, no time to write – one day set aside for reading.  Sadly my two submission projects are still sitting here waiting for revision [let’s not talk about the complete yet unrevised novel…ok?] It’ll happen, it will – just not right now.


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