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Sunday Morning

Massive sinus headache brewing today.

Yesterday was slow, there were a few instances where I was second-guessing myself after transactions, but my first instinct was always right – and I came out fine.  I think the low point was having a young co-worker ask me about Woodstock because he thought that was my ‘generation’. =_=;  I was born in ’71 – a kid in the 70’s, teen in the 80’s, lost and found in the 90’s, and now in the new millennium I’m forced to explain that I’m NOT THAT OLD.



Amazon Advantage recently made their order for books, but then sent me a straggler order today.  I don’t like these.  I don’t mind sending a bunch of books all at once, which is what I usually do, but sometimes they send out an order for just one – right after the bulk order.  It’s like they forgot to round off their number or something. >_<  I’ve been told its because sometimes they sell a book before the main PO order arrives, and the warehouse will order a single just to have a backup.  I still think it’s silly. :/  Sending just one book – but I have to do it or ‘I’m not in good standing’.



According to Teddy Pig, there’s a sale on the ‘DROID’ at Overstock – until November 16th.  I’ll admit the commercials were cool, until I saw the ‘google trademark’ disclaimer and ‘lucasfilm’ trademark warning.  =__=;  I care about this only because I MUST get a cell phone. I’ve gone so long without a real need for one, but now that I’m working with a commute, I need to have some way for the family to get hold of me.


Going out with a friend today to do some shopping – there’s a Hanukkah Bazaar across town that I’m thinking of stopping in at, but iffy on if I want to drive anywhere near MOPAC today.  From November to January, the entire Arboretum area in North Austin becomes a zoo with traffic shoppers – and heaven help you if you get caught up there on a Sunday after church is over. It’s like they realized dressing up just for Church seems such a waste so they decide to turn store-hopping into a social outing. Ugh.  I have to do it though, the boy needs new pants, all his old ones are riding to his ankles – the pleasures of having a 14 year old.

Speaking of children growing…I have this to look forward to in April…Lucky me.  I’ve noticed that their definition of the party hasn’t actually caught up with the times.  The truth?  These days it’s an over glorified sweet-sixteen party for a 12 yo girl.  Seriously.  LOL!


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