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Friday Night

Today was  better than yesterday.   I’m the oldest person behind the teller line, so I don’t get to hear much in the way of gossip – but it seems one particular teller is being blamed for the release of my old manager.  They’re also unhappy with how she was terminated the day I was off:  one moment our boss[the Branch Manager] was joking and laughing with her, but then after lunch – she was fired.  :/  If I were in the BMs shoes, I would’ve done it first thing in the morning – I think her position with the teller staff has shot to an all time low.   I can’t say I’m thinking much of her either, but I can only suspect that the official word didn’t come down from above until later in the day?   As I was not in on Monday, I can’t make the call to form an opinion on exactly what transpired – but my heart still goes out to my ex-manager.  She was a cool lady, and my age.  >_<

My hours have increased to cover her departure.  Baptism by fire I guess.

Lunch was dismal today – a double cheeseburger from McDonald’s, only because I didn’t have time for anything else. When I got home though, my spouse had bought me a fresh turkey dinner from the grocery deli with mac/cheese and mashed potatoes ^_^ I’ll need the carb coma, because I have to be to bed early in order to get up and go back in at 8:30 and stay till 2:30. Saturday hours for banks—according to the company, the customers wanted Saturdays.

I have an Amazon Advantage order sitting on my desk staring at me. I need to get it in the mail immediately after work tomorrow. Barnes/Noble has stopped ordering from me completely—but I’ve heard they’ve pulled this on a few other small vendors as well. Rumor has it they’re overhauling their online store—I’m hoping this leads to a less archaic ordering system for their online store. The double billing, invoicing, and filling things out in triplicate has no place in the ‘online under 5 books a month’ ordering system. Ugh. It’s just like Barnes and Noble to be  so antiquated and wasteful…so much in common with traditional trade publishing.  ^_-

On the digital front I found out from y! that my ‘Games with Me’ ads can run in December. This is good news, since we could always use more downloads. There won’t be a Whore of Turfan update on Black Friday.   I have family coming for the holidays and will be MIA from the computer at the end of the that week.  I let the artist know when I paid her today.

Carbs are kicking in…time to chill out in front of the tv.


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