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CSI Thursday.

Today was a bit rough at work. We’re short staffed since my manager was let go, and so I had to work both lobby and drive-through tonight – handling transactions on my own.  I did it, but it was hectic.  A few interesting transactions today, policy prevents me from discussing them in a blog, but I’m never amazed at just how complicated people are in this world.


I wasn’t as impressed with the CSI NY episode last night as I was with the Miami one, and that’s saying a lot considering I’m not fond of CSI Miami. I will say that Hill Harper kicks ass – I think his rage and disappointment came through so clearly as ‘one doctor to another’ . I don’t think I would’ve acted any differently in his shoes in confronted with a greedy doctor like the one he interrogated.  Sometimes lack of ethics bugs the hell out of me, it’s why I don’t watch Nip/Tuck.

Off to catch the Las Vegas episode now and eat some more pizza.

gratki to Stan Berkowitz!  He deserves it!


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