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Wednesday Night.

I had a chance to eat some great veal parmagiana, cheese sticks, and bread at a place called It’s Italian; instead I opted to stay in and ended up dining on frozen Encore chicken parm, sliced sandwich bread, and the worst cheese sticks I think I ever bought from a grocery store:  TGIFridays brand.   =___=;

It’s Vetawins Day, which spurred me to pull out some photos of myself from my Navy days. I was so thin around the time of my deployment – I look at that picture and I say ‘DAYUM’.  I did everything today EXCEPT write.  I cleaned the desk, the office, the bedroom next to the office, the kitchen…I think you get the idea.  A writer sits on her butt most of her career – but thanks to creative procrastination, she has the cleanest damn house of anyone she knows.

The net today was interesting – my friend Lissa designed a cool site for a friend of hers called Manga Views –  an online hub for manga bloggers, their commentariat, reviewers, and fans that journal.   Also, a publisher I work with finally made an official call for submissions today for their digital site.  Very excited. I also hope some creators don’t get discouraged and think it has to be ‘BL’. has non-ero manga titles as well, so hopefully we can see a better cross-section of what’s out there. There’s some great web content that’s gotten better over time as the creator works on it and molds it – what better way to collect on the archives then by submitting them to and letting fans ‘rent’ them by volume?

On the gruffier side of netlife today, MangaFox calls the egotistical scanslators to the curb.  Interesting read even if you have never read a scanslation in your life. ^_^

Another bit of gruff came on the release of the Clash of the Titans trailer.  I dunno know how I feel about this – but I can tell you for certain, this article here, annoyed me shitless.  I was young when the original CotT came out and I can tell you this: shirtless Harry Hamlin was not the reason I watched it you twit – nor was Harryhausen’s effects ‘clumsy’.  Ok, maybe they were – but they still kicked ass in my mind and I would watch them ten times over, along with Jason and the Argonaughts and the Golden Voyage of Sinbad – NOT THE REMAKES laden with CG, but the stop motion works of art from Harryhausen. >_<  She doesn’t speak for my age group I guess. Aside from her misconceptions about what made the original so great – I will give this new one a chance.  I’m a fan of that ‘accurate’ yet sedate history you see in films like the 13th Warrior or Brotherhood of the Wolf, but I’m also a fan of the kick-ass-action-movie-meets-shaky-historical-accuracy, like you find in films like Pathfinder or King Arthur.

Time to get my bath and settle in for the second part of that CSI Trilogy; yep, mine is an exciting life.


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