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Reviews, What About Them.

I just woke up an hour ago.  Blargh.

I tried sleeping in today and realized that I’m just incapable of doing it anymore.  The minute I’m up, I’m up.

Sons of Anarchy last night was great.   I knew Gemma would tell Clay and Jax about what happened – but she’s not doing it for her own recovery, she’s doing it to give them both something to unify against – since they’re at each others throats.  Also– Cibs turning on the Irish; not a shock there.  As much as I love Henry Rollins – I want Weston to get his.  Jerk.  >_<

Cutting this portion of the blog down, because it’s ‘globl’ related, and I don’t really use this blog for that – but here goes:

I got a phone call from my friend [known to most of you as @baramanga] telling me that one of his favorite gay review blogs reviewed ‘Games with Me’.  I knew it was coming, when I solicit reviews I send out digital copies [and in this case, print review copies] to reviewers covering the genre – before they post, they often contact to let me know the review is coming. They email me to let me know, and to warn me in case there were some things they didn’t like and they wanted to give me the heads up that the review will reflect this. I don’t mind. Publishers tend to mind this more I guess in terms of what they hand out for review copies? I need all the reviews I can get – and if it’s a two-star review, it’s just a different opinion – not a bullet in my sales – especially when I have enough good reviews to offset dissatisfied readers.

I still WISH that DMP would allow reviews on their site, like Netcomics does.

I’ve sold more books through and would love to get feedback from actual ‘readers’ that rented the title. I lurk around at BL forums and Coms, and I’ve seen some comments about partiality. When hunting for ‘Games’ I found that someone thought the review at Speak Its Name was phony because I’m “friends” with Erastes. 0_o   I’ve spoken to Erastes, I’ve argued with Erastes, and I see Erastes online because we’re both into historical m/m – but we’re hardly BFFs.  Now I will cop to being good friends with Jason Thompson – and if you want to discount his review of ‘Games’ at Amazon, because we’re friends, be my guest. ^_^ You’re not saying much about your opinion of him or his reviews – so that’s between you and Mr. Thompson.  Another comment [from a publisher no less] claimed the Babes at Boys Next Door never give me bad reviews because they’re my buddies.  Ouch. Yes, I’m friends with the Babes – and yes I send them review copies – and yes maybe they do give me friend-views…but I appreciate their reviews all the same and will continue to do so.

I sent out review requests to various bloggers when Games first came out – BND, Rain on The Roof, Yaoi 911, Jason Thompson, About, etc – the only ones that didn’t reply back were Yaoi 911 and I guess I’m not their kind of author. :/ I wanted to send review copies to print reviewers, but a few of them weren’t into promoting ‘digital only’ releases, and some wanted to wait until both volumes were complete. I found the latter reviewers interesting considering their sites were loaded with 1 volume-only reviews, and reviews from books at Netcomics. 0_0

I didn’t get angry or discouraged though.

I reminded myself that this is a hobby; I have a real job, a real life, and other things more tangible to stress over. I must love my hobby time – not dread it or get bent out of shape when something I want fails to materialize [like a review].   SO I’m very grateful for unsolicited reviews [like some of those at Amazon] and grateful for good press, when I can get it.

Reviews for Games With Me

If you’re a reviewer or blogger and you want to check out Games With Me [available at and on KINDLE at Amazon] let me know and I can send you a print review-copy of the book, or a digital version.


4 thoughts on “Reviews, What About Them.”

  1. I’ve given two of your published books honest praise because they merit praise. To say different–that either book doesn’t deserve accolades–is implying that I’m a liar. What I think this publisher is missing, is that BND’s fans come first. I’m not going to tell people to spend his/her hard-earned money on crap.

  2. Sorry Nikita, I likely shouldn’t have blogged this – I trust your reviews of my work and other works as well, but when I saw the comment this person made I wasn’t shocked. [it was in an email sent to me :/] I have a great relationship with you guys and if they think you’re biased – screw em. I’ll still keep sending you stuff and relying on your reviews.


  3. I’m sorry that you were accused of having a favourable review because we speak online. I’m getting some peculiar responses along that line recently – I’m accused of giving bad reviews to people because:

    i don’t like the writer
    i don’t like the publisher
    I’m jealous of the competition

    Some people have said that I shouldn’t be reviewing because I’m an author.

    Some people have said that reviewers aren’t readers.(!)

    Some people say I shouldn’t give unfavourable reviews at all – particularly if I’m trying to promote historical fiction. And I’m quite sure that You Know Who considers that certain writers tend to get a higher score because I’m considered to be their friend.

    The logic burns me.

    It makes me cast wider for reviewers–I’ll ask Hayden Thorne to review my own books for example, because I trust her implicitly to mark me down if I don’t come up to scratch (she gave Transgressions a 4) and she’s not bothered that it’s my site. And I now try and avoid reviewing Charlie or Lee or Alex for those reasons.

    To that detractor I say – if you’ve read “Games” then you should see what a damned good–and brave–book it was. It’s impossible to judge a graphic novel under the same conditions as a novel, there’s no “deathless prose” for example, but judging on the criteria we use: the history, the writing, the GAY history – and the fact that it had everything a good story needed, characters that flew off the page, it was a no brainer that it was going to get a good mark, and a highly recommended stamp.

  4. Hey Erastes. When I saw those comments she made my first instinct was to call her out and say – hey, we’re not that close so…

    But I stopped myself. You and I have a good rapport online when it comes to historical fiction; no, we don’t always agree on everything in fandom or outside of it – but that doesn’t make us enemies in my book. ^_^ You have a great historical blog – it made sense to solicit you for a review. I guess in the commentators mind, if I speak to you online or comment at your LJ – all reviews of my work from you are tainted. Oy.

    You reviewed Gadarene fairly as well, pointed out both the good and the bad – and that came on the heels of the very big accuracy/crit kerfluffle at Torquere between my co-author and a friend of yours. It didn’t matter to you, you just reviewed the work because your professional enough to do that.

    You knew my views on the whole Lambda thing – we agreed to disagree; but you still took Games in and gave it a review. Your aces. I don’t care what any one else thinks. ^_^v

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