It’s Tuesday

Today was a weird day.

I got into work and was informed my manager ‘decided to leave’ the company.  I learned moments later that she was in fact, let go. >.>  I liked her personality, she was upfront and never made you feel anxious when she was around.  She was the main reason I tolerated being assigned to this particular branch; though some of the other tellers are very cool – she was personable and I liked that.  It’s nice being around someone real.

I came home sort of bummed over it, but I got a cool email from MT – she drew some chibis of our webcomic characters and it made me smile; must remember to thank her for that.

I promised Dale I’d read his new book from Bruno Gmunder – it’s called Nightlife and it’s more of the same he’s known for – wordless vignettes. I’m not as fond of the art in this one as I was Manly, but I’ll try to read it this weekend and review it at Amazon. I also need to read my online friend Ann’s eBook set called Paw Prints. She sent me copies and I owe it to her to check them out.

Sons of Anarchy is on tonight, so I’ll be planted in front of the TV after 9:  a perfect end to a strange and long day at the bank.


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