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Monday Musings

I have off today, and it’s a weekday.

Unusual yes, only because this is the week I have to work a Saturday. I have to do at least one Saturday at the bank a month – I’ve always found banks open on Saturdays are relatively ignored. It’s technically not considered a business day because the FED banks are not open and so any deposits you make on Saturday are considered Monday’s business.  The More You Know…

I was supposed to get some writing done this weekend, instead I had some drama that threw my mind into a whirlwind and had no desire to write anything.  My outline for a submission is finished; it just needs massive fine-tuning before I look for a character artist… that was my plan this weekend to get that done but instead I watched some films, baked pumpkin bread, caught Color-Splash and Property Virgins on HGTV, and spent my Sunday on a new Railroad Tycoon map:  Yep, another Amazonia one – I’m so pathetically predicable. I was miffed I wasted time on Drag Me To Hell. [ptui!] and we watched this Russian  movie called Wolfhound. Shockingly enough, Wolfhound was ok. It was a notch above your typical Syfy-original production because it didn’t overdo the CG but relied heavy on the Conan-plot and threw in a hodgepodge of Slavic deities. I was entertained, the spouse was bored, and our friend watching it with us didn’t seem to mind.

I did catch up on my blog reading this morning and caught the Boris Karloff blogothon.  Where was this thing when I did my subtext piece of “The Black Cat”?

Also read that Harlequin Enterprises is going full blast into the digital arena – they’ve announced a new imprint for eBooks only called Carina Press, right on the heels of DMP’s announcement of plans to release 20 translated digital versions of Harlequin’s Japanese manga adaptations on   Here’s the deelio – [yes I said deelio, deal with it] Harlequin manga are made for readers of Japanese straight romance [idealistic romances for graphic novel fans – but always hetero]; the interesting thing about Carina is, it claims to be open to Gay romance submissions [likely due to the success of that genre in the eBook world].  I wonder – will Harlequin’s ‘romance manga’ accept new titles via and also be open to gay romance?

I doubt it, but it would be cool.


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