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October 3, 2015

I finally got my hands on the Bethany Lowe “Nevermore” raven.
The bird was impressive—but physically in my grasp, I just wasn’t Gentile enough to spend $80 RETAIL on it.


Instead, I went to At Home and picked myself up a white pumpkin, a raven, and some spiders tucked away in a netting set.



I got out the gorilla glue, wire cutters, printer, and clear-label paper, and made myself a poor-girls version of the ‘Nevermore Raven on a White Pumpkin’.





Shopping WITH At Home, set me back about $15 RETAIL.


Needs more spiders, and I got tuck the sticker. :) 

I’m definitely more down with dropping a 20-bill on some DIY décor than I am four 20’s on something that looked cool in the picture, but was sort of a letdown up close.


Nerd Alert: More Colored Glass

September 27, 2015

Many of you know of my love for all things colored-glass (I’m an Anchor Hocking collector due to my families history working in their glass-houses) but I collect other glass as well (Wedgwood is a hobby, not an addiction!)

Ages ago when I was around 5 or 6, I used to carouse the VFW with my pop. His daily drinking was our secret, and I never ratted him out because I loved bar-cokes from the spray-gun, and they had a pinball machine I was allowed to play for free. On one of the wall shelves they had a two-piece blue-milk glass decanter set, that captivated me. The decal was of white Greco/Roman imagery. Many years later, in my late 20’s, I managed to find out what distiller made them (Jim Beam), and even though I’m not into breweriana, I snagged a 1958 black and white decanter called Roman Emperor, along with a blue-glass 1960 decanter called Olympian, for 10$ at a yard sale.


Today I found the blue-glass decanter from 61, depicting philosopher Socrates. I got it for 20$, about what you’d pay on eBay and was happy to find it without the paper-band on the neck (and the glue that went with it). I’m dying to get my hands on the 1962 Anthony and Cleopatra trio of decanters—they feature the same decals, but in different shades, and fired onto black glass.


Nice Try, New York Times…

September 26, 2015

When I read this, I thought… wait, what? 

Say What

When I read this I thought… yeah, that’s what I thought!

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