Coin for Charon

April 15, 2016

Time to cross the river…

It was summer of 2002 when I began a serial space opera called Ramaxia. My society were matriarchal dinosapien-like creatures, there was political and imperial intrigue spawned by religious differences between the two empires. I had a blast building that world, and creating those characters, but I put my I Claudius meets Walking with Dinosaurs series on hold in 2004, to write fan comics with an artist friend from Poland. We began producing our fan-comics, called doujinshi, and that led to being published professionally in 2005. I was published by the awesome Class Comics in Canada, Yaoi Press, DramaQueen, and Iris Print in the US, and in Germany by Fireangels Verlag, and Cursed Side Publishing. As the publishing scene for homoerotic manga began to wane, I started producing my own original works. After my last graphic novel was written in 2010, I took a job at a bank to get rid of my debt (trust me, when you produce your own comics and attend conventions, you accrue some debt).

While working at the bank, I decided to leave the medium of comics, and get back to writing prose. I cracked out ye olde box of Ramaxia, and began rereading some unsent comics properties–PAY attention, this how Femitokon was born.

My feminist sensibilities, combined with my experiences in the world of fandom, didn’t allow for many of the plot-devices crucial to my sci-fi script for Ramaxia (male pregnancy just doesn’t work, it can’t, it just can’t!). Putting Ramaxia away for a bit, I dug out a few of my unsent DC Comics submissions.  The first of them to jump out at me was series set in the world of Batman Beyond–I called it, Beyond Wonder. My character, Sophita, the daughter of Wonder Woman and Superman (this was the secret to her power), was a morally ambiguous soldier in the United States Navy (future-tech, mind you). Another submission of mine, a mini one-shot called Crossing the Rubicon, featured Amanda Waller (still large and in charge!) putting together a team of female toughs to protect herself in her retirement years, from the Justice League. Her crew consisted of the Amazon that lost her faith (Phillipus), the misunderstood hero (Cass Cain), a super-strong amnesiac (Little Barda), and the anti-heroic upstart (Rose Wilson)–she trains them, earns their loyalty, and talks the geneticist daughter of Lucias Fox (Tye Fox) into fusing their energies together as one, to create a being called “the Goddess”. The New 52 obliterated any possibility of polishing either of these, for submission. Despite this, I never gave up the idea of a soldier hiding in the shadow of her mother and fighting the relation, because the expectations weren’t what she was all about.

In January of 2011, I began a story about six Femmar that woke up under the ice of Antarctica. After stumbling through some origin stories, I settled on an ancient Cryogenian race, and their life-form, the Femaki’xirpaxul. That soon spawned of an asteroid striking Earth, their fight for Antarctica, and the eruption of a supervolcano that wipes out humanity. Since fandom writing never leaves you, I spent my evenings after work creating stories about the descendant of my original six–and this led to building the world 23rd century Ramaxicon (Earth). My stories revolved around Sofita/Fusada Kul, Eppis Banto, Laxum Jyr, Pitana Dag, Velto Wram, and Fyla Uym. While fleshing out these characters I created their mothers, grandmothers, wives, daughters, and soon found myself creating a culture, history, and an encompassing story arc. By Thanksgiving of 2012, I had enough of a world created at WordPress, to begin writing the novels. I hammered out Sofita’s first mission in two months. The second, third, and fourth novels began as one big ass book I finished by mid-2013.

Just as things were moving along, my hard drive died. I had only backed up my bible, and the dialog scripts I’d written. All the finished first-draft manuscripts I’d completed, were gone. I was crushed, I couldn’t believe it–I still can’t believe it. In December I made the decision (after much crying, screaming, and soul-searching), to quit my day job and dedicate full time to rewriting, and completing, the series. My comics debt was long paid off, and my savings account rather full–so leaving the job was doable.

I continued cannibalizing my space opera Ramaxia, adding elements of the DC specs Beyond Wonder and Rubicon, and utilized the bible I’d been smart enough to put on a cloud server (thank you WordPress!) I wrote seven hours a day, five days a week–and managed to rewrite the novels I’d lost, in just over a year. I spent the next years completing the rest of the novels in the series, I have one left–and it’s already started.

It’s now 2016, Femitokon is ready. I’m about to query some agents.

Wish me luck.


Finishing March

March 26, 2016

Creatively, I’m behind schedule on my personal project, by three and a half weeks. The series should’ve be submitted by now, but I’m still working on edits to the ap content. Being sidelined by injury didn’t help. On the for-pay-writing front, I got a check for a writing job I did two months ago. I knew there was a sixty-days-later payout, but I took it anyway. The size of it allows me to put back 90% of the monies I used from my savings, to put a 5k downpayment on my son’s car.

On the vocational front, I got the perfect cash-counting gig! It’s at a local venue arena, they host sports, concerts, expos, etc. I’m the vault attendant for the parking service. What I love most about it is that I work maybe 6 times a month, tops–and the pay is nice. It gets me out of the house, and doesn’t cost me anything.

TV watching this month is Vikings (so glad its back), Walking Dead (of course!), and a copious amount of British procedurals on Netflix and Amazon Prime. My spouse and I are enjoying Foyle’s War, but I’ve gotten addicted to Inspector Lewis. Laurence Fox is like the bizarro Cumberbatch; it’s as if Mattel made “Barbie’s Friend Clive”, a Great Britain Ken-doll.  I’ve been DVRing The American’s, and keeping up with Grimm.

Began following an old internet acquaintance on FB, and had forgotten her combustible nature. Part of my past isolation involved her misconception about Google indexing. I got another light dose of this behavior recently, when a comment of mine was perceived as some erroneous insight into her sensibilities. Nothing came of it when I reacted in kind, and explained my intent, and I think she understood there was no fight to be had. I adore this person, we share much of the same view of the world, but will steer clear of commenting on anything she posts. If this insults her, then perhaps it’s best we didn’t connect again. :/ I walked enough minefields in Kuwait, I don’t need to figuratively engage any more of them in social-media. As you can see, I made an ant hill from this spec of sand, so it’s probably best if I refrain from typing anything on FB.

While on the topic of Facebook, I’ve been forced to eliminate the “trends” column (via Facebook Purity). Too much crap to distract me–I go there to catch up with friends and family, not get sidelined by current events, and people’s opinions on them.

Also, Mag’s art was in show mid-month, for the National Honor Society of Art. There’s so much talent out there, but was surprised by the absence, and separation of “creative writing”. When I was in high school, I was editor of our literary magazine (I changed many things about it that year), but Mag’s school has no such program. So disappointed.


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