Movin’ on Up, Like George and Weezie.

May 19, 2015

After a massive setback kept me off the keyboard (sprained wrist) for weeks, I managed to complete first-draft revisions on Suffocation. My editor-for-hire is slashing through them now, to fix what I broke, and suggest what I should break next. Stepping away from Suffocation (you have to step away, if you don’t, you end up reading the sentences the way they should be—and missing that you haven’t actually typed them that way) I looked over the monstrosity that is Holodomor (and Memory Kill). These two first-drafts were massive—so I ended up splitting Memory Kill into two (that’s how massive it is) and removed a TON of flashbacks that were told from the perspective of a character I kill at the end.

On the writing for money front, the showrunner I ghost for handed us the plots for Season 2. The three of us are an interesting crew (A Jew, a Korean, and a Tejano walk into a bar…) and each of us had very different reaction to the stories we’ve been given to script. I won’t share their comments, because it’s my blog, and I’ll cry if I want to. Upon review of the raw material, it’s become painfully obvious that I’m now working a telenovela, with guns and monsters. 0_0

Latest TV addictions are Penny Dreadful, and Turn: Washington’s Spies (Simcoe, OMFG where have you been all my life, you limey-douchebag!).


Marco Polo needs to change some things if it wants me back for a second season (figure out if you’re Spartacus, or Vikings—but please stop trying to be Game of Thrones), and Supernatural had my attention when it brought us the Stein family (Frankenstein’s decedents as patriarchal and murderous aestheticians—that’s gold!) but they blew it by having Mark-Of-Cain Dean, kill them all. 0_o


On home front, spouse was considering purchasing a new home because ours is woefully too small since kiddo #1 moved his girlfriend in (she was in a bad sitch, and we allowed it). The Austin area is a sellers-market now, builders are building on spec and selling those houses like hot cakes. Spouse is tempted by ‘the grass is greener’ notion—but I have no desire to take on a new mortgage, 25 years long, or otherwise. Also, getting a bigger house just to but some square footage between you, and the two young-adults driving you crazy, isn’t going to give them the incentive to get out on their own. I’m not one of those people that wants to kick my kids to the curb when they’re 18 (In fact, I wanted to be the opposite of that!) but the boy brought in another person, and that complicated my sentiments. He needs to be on his own, and we need to facilitate that by subsidizing his push out the door. First the driver’s license, then the car, then he gets a better job (so can she!) and then we’ll help with rent and insurance and a car. It will certainly take less time and money than a new mortgage.


Running on Fumes

May 4, 2015

I busted my ass this weekend refinishing our deck, scrubbing patio furniture, and planting flowers. Last night, a migraine came upon me, waking me from my sleeps–not pleasant. Got up with teens to take them to school, and have a meeting soon with show-runner that I’m working for–because actual WORK for that job, starts this week!

Did not make my revisions goal for Suffocation, (I made it to chapter 10) so there will be no agent hunt next month, because I’ve got no polished manuscript with which to sell myself. *shit*

Pain in my head still lingers…


Batman’s Voice VS. Superman’s Chest

April 18, 2015

A part of me is looking forward to this, mainly because Superman has always been misunderstood, and stories where the public adores him, prompting the powers that be to denigrate him, are interesting. Batman has always feared Supes going rogue (its why he keeps kryptonite in his belt of tricks) so I’m looking forward to seeing the origin of that distrust, played out on the screen.

As for being a fan of the series, I don’t want a happy, funny, casual, Justice League. I like those versions, I do--but I can get that in the cartoons (or at CW, if I’m desperate enough). If I’m paying 8$ for a movie ticket, there better be angst, darkness, and people beating each other up with massive explosions, and a shit-ton of real-estate damage!

P.S.  Woe is Batman’s voice. Kevin Conroy never did the ‘McGruff the Crimedog’ shit, so why did Bale, and why is Afleck?  Stop it, please.

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