September 21, 2016

Got a comment about how, as a writer with a blog, I don’t post “thoughtful narrative”.

I’m not a fortune cookie, random thought generator, or a keyboard philosopher. My literary flow ends when it comes to blogging, I write what I’m thinking, and how I’m thinking it. If you need an elaborate sort that articulates her thoughts as if sharing them via writer’s-digest, I ain’t the author with blog you’re looking for.

Now, back to the dull-witted rambling of stalled creator.

Right in the middle of a massive revision on Holodomor, I began writing a horror fic. It’s been years since I tried writing anything short, let alone horror. I got about 2500 words in, and stopped. *sigh* Back to editing, in the morning.

This weekend will be the first time in over twenty-years, we’ve experienced autumn. The weather hams are calling for a cool Sunday, I can’t wait! One of things I love about living here is that we’re surrounded by antique shops, Mennonites selling fresh produce and donuts, and hiking trails galore! The spouse is itching to get hiking at French Creek–I’m still set on Nolde Forest. Next month’s major purchases, along with pumpkins, gourds, and my Mask-of-the-Red-Death Halloween ensemble, will be good hiking boots.

Halloween is my favorite time of year, and I’m psyched to be back up in PA, where they have parade’s, witch’s balls, and true trick or treating. We weren’t south enough in Texas where Day of Dead stuff was prominent–but we were smack dab in the middle of the Baptist crazies that inundated the area with Church-held “alternatives” to the holiday. The irony is, Pagan’s never celebrated evil or the devil, the original Catholic church in Western Europe made that shit up, because Samhain was a holiday they couldn’t toss a Saint on top of, and appropriate to their liking.

The only negative thing I’ve encountered since moving here are the Trump supporters. Trump has no real platform on anything, and nothing tangible to offer other than “I got people that can do that”, and “I know it all”.  I keep hoping that on election day, he’s going to come out and pull a sensible punked sort of thing: “I wanted to see how many assholes were left in America, and you’ve shown me…haha…not really running for office…have a nice life.”



Settling In

August 14, 2016


My new writing room matures at a snail’s pace–just like my series.

I plan to finish edits on ALL the books, before continuing to shop an agent. I don’t feel confident enough pitching, ‘I got first-drafts of books 2-8, but here’s my polished book-one’.  Yes, the series-bible is done, but I want to have a finished series. I’m planning rewrite the query and pitch. Four rejections outright (with no request to read first chapter) –I’m suspecting weakness. No feedback at all, just – thanks, but no thanks.

I’m not giving up though, I will finish the series, and I will sell this series.

Nothing says ‘welcome to your new home’, like Blue Rivers & the Maroons rendition of Guns of Navarone.  I’m a Ska fan, don’t judge me.

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