Confederate Flag (ellation)

June 25, 2015

beautifulIt’s your heritage, and its worth fighting for?

“The war wasn’t about slavery, it was about State’s Rights…”

Yeah, let’s talk about the rights those southern States were trying to obtain, by talking about succession and why the Confederate Flag was made.

Not going to quote textbooks, because every state seems to have its own version of events, but in a nutshell, the top 1% of the south (those families with plantations and wealth) began selling raw goods to other nations, at costs cheaper than what they were selling to northern industry in their own country (we wont get into the European hypocrisy of the era–they ended slavery in their nations, but were more than happy to buy cotton, tobacco, and sugar, from the US South–which hadn’t). Northern legislators dominated the United States Congress, so they levied taxes and tariffs at these southern companies, hurting the economy of the southern states.

Southern elite weren’t willing to change their behavior (being greedy and owning people) and convinced Southern lawmakers that they needed more representation in Congress (Congress was staffed based on a state’s population–the southern states had the least representation). They lobbied to have their slaves counted as ‘in state population’. Congress said no (naturally) because you can’t demand that slaves be considered property (without the human right to leave or vote or work somewhere else) and then demand they be counted as people freely living in your state. The southern lawmakers cried foul, and the northern lawmakers said – tough shit. The right to trade freely those goods acquired on the backs of slave labor, wasn’t a state right–anymore than being allowed to count that slave labor as residents of your state. The South chose to succeed. They made new money, made a new flag, and fired off some shots. The wealthiest people in the South declared war on their own country, because they were greedy–and wanted to own people.

When you talk about your relations fighting for the South, you’re talking about how they fought to maintain the wealth of their 1%, and they died so that those 1% could fucking own people.


Sadly, the South isn’t YOUR South anymore. People of color freely live here, Hispanics and Latinos live here, and OMG, Yankees live here (Sorry UT, why is a statue Jefferson Davis sitting front and center at your campus?) The racial demographic of the South–it’s changed. You can keep your heritage on your front lawn, in your bedroom, on your sheets, and in your purse. Do you really want them to know you honor an era where fighting to keep people as property, and men dying for the wealthy 1%, is something you’re proud of? If so, then I suppose this flag symbolizes a version of the South you’re comfortable with–one that means more to you than the “American South” that’s presently awesome, and part of the United States.


Boring Weekends are OK

June 15, 2015

I ditched the Fiat and bought myself a Kia Soul.

The Kia

The payments are about the same, but it rides quieter (a plus!), has no leather seats, the stereo sounds brilliant, there’s tinted windows, and, most important, I can now taxi three teens at once without seat pulling, or knees in necks. I can also grocery shop for the month (at Costco) without the need for the Dodge Ram.

When told Sunday that my “author web site” wasn’t professional enough, I got annoyed. 0_o it was my polar bear persona, they said. My totem is a bear, and I’m white and love the cold. How can that not be more indicative of ‘Tina Anderson’?


The site’s original header looked ‘too big’ on a laptop, they said. If I insisted on using WordPress free-themes (and yes I do, because I’m not paying for a web presence–I have things to do, like…WRITE), I need to use less pages and posts, and my published work must be front and center. They also suggested I add reviews, but no, my goal isn’t to sell these graphic novels–it’s to have a presence on the web that shows my published work, and how to contact me.

I retooled the site to reflect most of their suggestions – but I don’t like the header, it feels too small. :/

Hannibal debuted last week, and it’s been as amazing. Defiance came back also, and I liked the opener. This week’s Orphan Black was ‘meh’; saved only by Helena’s antics. I don’t care about Siobhan, nor do I care about her signing. Discovering the original donor for projects Castor and Leda was an interesting turn of events, though. I have Dark Matter to watch, and I’m anticipating the return of the Last Ship.

I’ll end on a random note: I begin a new workout cycle at the gym this week, after yoga. We’ll see how it works.


First National Donut Day, without Donuts.

June 5, 2015

So, they might close.


I remember a time (long ago, in a decade far-far away) when my love-life revolved around the peeps I picked up New York Central Art Supply. Thanks to Photoshop, Painter, Illustrator, Quark, and inDesign, art supplies don’t sell as they used to—come to think of it, I wonder if lonely writers use the internet to hook up sexually with artist types these days, instead of trolling the art store. 0_0

Oh and sorry, the only Macbeth I give a shit about these days, is Agnes MacFayden’s


I need a framed print of this, because it’s devastating.

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